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First NuggetLOVE Check of 2013


Can you spot Danica? Hint: her hair is perfect.

Nugget HQ has been under a shroud of spooky (and cold) fog for many days. But presenting a check for $7,810 to our latest NuggetLOVE charity of the month was a welcome ray of (figurative) sunshine.

Community Outreach, Inc. is based in Corvallis, Oregon, and offers a wide variety of services, including shelter, food, medical care, education, and career services to need men, women, and families.


Sean (left) with COI volunteer coordinator.

Last month COI was particularly busy with their holiday programs. One of our own, Sean, wrapped presents for the agency’s adopt-a-family program, which distributes gifts to entire families.

Because COI, like many charities, receives a lot of donations during December, they were very happy to get a check in mid-January. We are happy for the work they do, and for brightening up our foggy day!


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