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Trainer Wish Lists

What are CBT Nuggets trainers wishing for? Everything from computers to comics! Presenting the Trainer Wish List:


This will be the third year I’ve asked Santa for a customized alienware laptop, hopefully the third time’s a charm and I was good enough for one this year!

A Nike Fuel Band, because every IT person needs a fitness band to help remind us after those 12 hour days on the computer to get off our kiesters and move!! Mrs. Clause shouldn’t have any arguments with this one.


A Nikon D4 camera or a Nikon 400mm lens



Gadgets: iPad mini; latest-gen iPod shuffle; iPhone external microphone/earpiece that looks like an old-fashioned telephone receiver.

Tunes: Beach Boys box sets of The Smile Sessions and The Pet Sounds Sessions.

Gaming: Elder Scrolls V SkyrimCall of Duty Black Ops 2.

Licenses: Malwarebytes antimalwareAllway Sync.

Art: Andrew Wyeth prints of “Christina’s World” and “Evening at Koerner’s.”

Reading: Vintage MAD magazines (or hardcover anthologies); vintage Charles Schulz Peanuts paperbacks (or the Peanuts Treasury).


Anelace Powers of 2 XLD Blue LED Binary Clock (Extra Large Display)

The perfect gift for any occasion.  😉



Nexus 7 (wifi only)

Or the new Chromebook with ARM processor

Both are running Linux, both are extremely decent prices, and both make me drool. 🙂


I’m on a Apple kick, so anything fun with the Apple world (Macbook Pro, iMacApple TV, etc…) would make my “that’d be fun” list.



Nikon Coolpix S1100pj Projector Camera

This 14-megapixel, 5x-optical-zooming update is smaller than its predecessor, projects brighter images (the bulb is now specced at 14 lumens) and, for the first time, can be used to project anything from a laptop via a simple USB connection—upping its usefulness from a high-tech slide show tool to a traveling businessman’s best friend.


 A Microsoft Surface Pro

(Not available until at least January)



My Christmas wish list is a fully loaded iPad/iPhone combo with both an action item/task management app and a project scheduling tool supports full integration with MS Project back on my PC.

My goal is to do the heavy lifting on at my desk using MS Project, but have full access to the plan on the go.

I am still looking for the perfect project scheduling tool, but am very encouraged by Gantt Lite/Pro or SG Project/Pro.  Both allow me to keep my devices in sync thry DropBox and can open the plan on the iPad/iPhone.

My goal is to be able to have the information I need to be a PM automatically available regardless of my tool: PC, phone or pad (did anyone say “PM Cloud”?).


Vibram Five Fingers Komodo Sport shoes.




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