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A Training Tale

Recently, a member of the CBT Nuggets tribe left an awesome post on our Facebook page. Matt used CBT Nuggets training to get his CCNA, and then relayed that into a fantastic new job. Here’s what he said:

Hey CBT!

Got my swag! Thanks! 

I decided it would be best to take a photo in the gear none other than where CBT Nuggets helped me to get to, my current job.

It was while studying Computer Networking I was first introduced to CBT Nuggets. In my time studying I’ve watched ICND 1/2, CCNP Route and CCNP Switch training series. Of any resource I’ve used, it’s been the best IT training I’ve ever had. They were far better than any lecture I went to and it’s a resource I recommend to anyone I meet in IT. I have a huge amount of respect for the work and teaching style that Jeremy Cioara uses, and I really hope it gets back to him that it was through his easy to understand teaching style, analogies and passion, that I’ve gained the skills for where I’m now at. Thanks Jeremy! You really are an awesome guy! Near the end of my Diploma I re-watched ICND 1 and 2 series which helped me to achieve the knowledge to pass the 640-802 CCNA exam. 

With both CCNA and my diploma, I was able to get a job with Allied Telesis Labs as a test engineer. 

I’ve now been working for 6 months in this role and it’s been somewhat of a dream job. On day 1 I was able to enter into the role with ease due the AW+ operating system we use having an industry standard CLI. I really never thought I’d end up working for a company that makes Routers and Switches!

My day -to-day job is pretty much building networks and scenarios, testing features (e.g. OSPFv3) and trying to break things! 

What lies ahead? Work should be getting a CBT Nuggets subscription which I’ll use to rewatch the CCNP series and hopefully have that qualification by the end of next year!

Cheers CBT Nuggets!

 Thanks Matt! Congratulations on the new job and best of luck!

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