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Did you know that you can leave feedback for every current CBT Nuggets trainer?

It’s true. Each time a series is finished, we add it to that trainer’s feedback survey. You can find links to these surveys at the bottom of the series’ page. The idea is that once you’ve completed watching the series, you can leave feedback for that trainer. And yes, the trainers do read the surveys!

We’re not going to pretend every comment left on a survey is positive. After all, we need constructive criticism — it’s how we grow and improve! However, we can’t help but smile when someone leaves a nice note. Here are some recent compliments left for trainers:

James you’re an exceptional trainer. Your humor keeps me clicking for the next video! Thanks friend keep up the great work.

Shawn freaking rocks.

Love Greg’s right to the point approach. A 30 or 20 minute Nugget is full of the material. I don’t have to worry about fast forwarding the entertainment “sections” if I need to watch his videos again. Great work!

Your videos were extremely helpful for me. Passed the 70-461 exam today – first attempt! 🙂 (Garth)

Thanks Don for sharing this important info. I enjoyed your video especially the CMD. Great stuff!

Keep going with what you’re doing. This was one of the best series that I’ve seen. (Michael)

Keith’s the man! Brilliant entertaining and memorable.

I learned a ton from this series. I always thought Pivot Tables and Vlookups were just large scary creatures, so I never attempted to use them. Now after watching this video, they seem as just regular functions! (Chris)

Mind blowingly excellent!!!!! (Jeremy)

Bobby did a great job with this topic.

Excellent at what he is doing, teaching. BRAVO (in Greek). (Tim)

Amazing !! (Steve)


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