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The Horror of IT

It’s Halloween, the celebration of the creepy and terrifying. So we went searching for the most horrifying IT stories on the web. Can you top them?

From InfoWorld:

 A mobile user called to say that his laptop was no longer functioning. After a lengthy phone conversation, during which the user initially denied anything unusual had happened, he disclosed that he had spilled an entire can of Coke on the keyboard. He continued by saying he had tried to dry it with a hair dryer, but that it still would not boot. I asked him to send it back to me, and that I would have it repaired.

But when I opened the laptop’s shipping box the very next day, I had a bit of a shock. The gentleman had not used a “hair dryer,” but must have borrowed a heat gun at one of our locations, because all that was left of the keyboard was a cooled pool of molten black plastic. 

From Clientcopia:

Just had a client call and say the following mind-numbing phrase: I saw that part of the site that said “Do not edit because it will break the site” and I wanted to see what the worst case scenario would be so I clicked it.

From ComputerWorld:

A British scientist was fed up with the way his hard drive was squeaking, so he drilled a hole through the casing and poured oil into the mechanics. The squeaking stopped, and so did the hard drive.

Can’t get enough? The aptly-named IT Horror Stories site has some truly scary tales of break-ins, no backups, and more.


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