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New Series: Amazon Web Services

Jeremy Cioara just finished a new series: “Amazon Web Services: AWS Foundations.” This series combines one of CBT Nuggets’ most popular trainers with one of the hottest cloud computing platforms.

“This series is absolutely full of cool technology, but the biggest ‘way-cool’ factor is the complete shift in the way we think about and handle Information Technology,” Jeremy said.

“In the same way that you don’t build your own post office to deliver mail to your customers, you no longer have to build your own world-wide IT enterprise to deliver amazing cloud-based services.

“While IT expertise will always be necessary, AWS can minimize the amount of time wasted on handling foundation issues like network connectivity, firewall redundancy, and server building/maintenance, allowing IT people to focus on what REALLY helps the organization.”

Jeremy covers what AWS is, why it’s exciting, and how to get started using it. You’ll  learn about Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2), Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Load Balance (ELB) capabilities, and much more. You’ll also see a real-life case study on a company called CBT Nuggets that migrated its services to AWS.

If you want to use the powerful AWS capabilities to bring your organization to the next level, start here.


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