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From the Trainer: Keith Talks Network+

Keith Barker just finished his CompTIA Network+ N10-005 series (psst: You can get access to the series for a month for just $1 during September!), and here he shares why you should check it out.

Why is this series exciting?

Keith: Because it has the word “Network” in the title. (Isn’t that enough? 😉 ) But more seriously, our lives are affected by the networks we connect to, and our dependency on them increases every year. Understanding how the network functions isn’t just a nice thing to know, but rather an increasingly important skill to have for personal and professional growth.

The new Network+ series is exciting because it begins by providing you a solid foundation of computer networks operate, and builds upon that knowledge with real world examples network technologies and protocols including the OSI model, TCP/IP, DNS, ARP, IP Addressing (including sub-netting), media types and connectors including fiber optics, copper and wireless, and all the other objectives for the new Network+ certification.

In addition to live demonstrations as examples of the technologies taught in the videos, I use protocol analysis (where I use a protocol analayzer to show the details of what is really happening on the network) to reinforce the concepts and ideas learned in the videos.

The new Network+ video series covers each and every topic in the latest blueprint for the exam, and each Nugget maps to a specific exam objective.

Who is this series for? What will people get from it?

Keith: This series if for any and all of the following:

  • Managers (both senior and mid-level) who want to have a better high-level picture and knowledge of the technologies their employees are implementing. Being able to speak, or at least be familiar with, the language of their technicians will assist them in relating better to their employees, which will assist in a better work environment for both manager and technician. Having the knowledge from Network+ will also assist in making more educated decisions regarding technology purchases, and increase understanding of technical solutions (being considered for the business) when presented by vendors.
  • Career changes. For individuals interested in beginning a career in the world of Information Technology (IT), they should start here with the CBT nuggets Network+ series first. The series provides the foundation required. Network technicians, engineers and designers can move on to areas of specialization such as routing and switching, network security, data center, service provider (and the list goes on). In that same context, an individual could choose to focus on a specific network vendor such as Cisco, Juniper, HP, PaloAlto (and the list goes on). Regardless of which specialization and/or vendor specific path that is taken, it all begins right here at CBT Nuggets with Network+.
  • Current IT staff. For people who have worked in IT for a few years, but have acquired most of their skills through hands on, the new Network+ series will assist you as you “fill in the gaps” in your existing knowledge. Topics like IP subnetting, 802.11 wireless standards, troubleshooting and tools such as nslookup will all assist the existing technician in their current responsibilities as well.
  • Help Desk staff. For individuals who are at a help desk, but would like to get the skills and knowledge that would qualify them as entry level technician, the new Network+ series is for you.
  • Individuals going for Cisco certification. The entry level Cisco certifications include CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) and CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate). These certifications are demanding, and the Network+ series will assist you in laying the foundation so that when the candidate does begin study for the Cisco certifications, they can be better prepared (having the foundation in place from Network+), and be able to focus on the vendor-specific (Cisco in this case) content.
  • Individuals going for their first Juniper/HP/Brocade/etc., for the same reasoning as the Cisco preparation listed above.

See the Network+ series now!


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