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Tech Humor: It’s a Thing

Who says IT lacks humor? Wait… no one ever said that? OK, but even if they had, these videos would show how funny IT can be:

Medieval Help Desk is perhaps the best fictional depiction ever made of the plight of the helpdesk worker – and it’s set just a few centuries before computers were around.

Google loves a good April Fool’s Day prank, and this year they used the occasion to introduce Gmail Tap. It’s hard to overrate a concept that makes Morse Code funny. Google also released a different version of the video in which LL Cool J goes into detail about all the places you can, er, “tap it.”

Microsoft’s “trailer” for Office 2010: The Movie shows that fonts, spell check, Power Point, and margins can be full of intrigue and action. Surely, Microsoft is hard at work on the trailer for the sequel, Office 2013.

Finally, it’s not exactly IT – but the NASA and We Know It video is an amazing combination of two unlikely things: pop music and rocket science.


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