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NuggetLOVE Needed This Month

For the month of August, CBT Nuggets is donating to Willamette Family, Inc. One of Willamette Family’s programs is a “sobering station.” The future of this program is currently uncertain due to lack of funding. Our local newspaper published an editorial in favor of keeping the station open. From the editorial:

If the sobering station were to close, most intoxicated people wouldn’t end up in a hospital or the jail — maybe not even one in 10. They’d collapse on sidewalks, in doorways or under the shrubbery in parks. Some would commit crimes, while others would make a disturbing nuisance of themselves. A few would die.

The editorial also notes that it’s much cheaper to send someone to the station instead of jail or the emergency room.

We didn’t know of this financial situation when we selected Willamette Family as our NuggetLOVE charity of the month. While we wish the organization was not having any trouble finding funding, we are glad that we are able to help when they have a particularly great need.

The matching donations component of NuggetLOVE is that CBT Nuggets matches, up to $5,000, the total donations to the charity for the month. That’s in addition to the 1% of our revenue from the first five business days of the month. It would be a small dent in the overall need, but an important dent.

If you want to help Willamette Family, see the donation info here, and thank you!


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