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New Series: CompTIA Network+ N10-005

Introducing “CompTIA Network+ N10-005,” a new training series from CBT Nuggets. This series is the perfect way to get started in computer networking or improve on those networking skills you already have. Plus, each Nugget maps to a specific objective of the N10-005 exam.

Trainer Keith Barker’s combination of humor and expertise is sure to keep you engaged while you learn how to maintain, secure, troubleshoot, install, control and configure basic network infrastructure.

“Understanding how the network functions isn’t just a nice thing to know, but rather an increasingly important skill to have for personal and professional growth,” Keith said.

From the basics of how computer networks operate, the series builds upon that knowledge with real-world examples of network technologies and protocols, including the OSI model, TCP/IP, DNS, ARP, IP addressing (including sub-netting), and media types and connectors. In addition to live demonstrations, Keith includes protocol analyses (using a protocol analayzer to show the details of what is really happening on the network) to reinforce the concepts and ideas learned in the videos.

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