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Got Work? IT Career Resources

If you’re looking for IT career advice and don’t know where to start, one of the first things you’ll learn is that Google has a hard time distinguishing between “IT” as in “information technology” and “it” as in “one of the most commonly used words in the English language.”

But a few relevant sources will lead you to a wealth of information. Here are some places to start looking for IT career advice and tips:

Many vendors offer career resources, some specific to their products and others more open-ended. CompTIA’s Tech Career Compass has tools to help you learn about IT job roles and evaluate your career path. The site also has links to job boards, educational conference, and resume and interview tips. CompTIA also has a dedicated program to match IT pros with jobs.

Dice calls itself “the career hub for tech,” and it seems the phrase is appropriate. The site’s content includes job tips, data on distinct tech sectors, industry news, and tons of job postings.

Stack Exchange is a community of techies, with an emphasis on user-submitted Q & As.

Hacker News doesn’t have a specific section for career advice, but you can find a number of relevant post by searching “career.” The site also has job posts.

Industry publications (tech magazines, blogs, etc.) can be excellent resources. Articles about careers will often include viewpoints from several different sources. TechRepublic’s Career Management blog is regularly updated and provokes healthy discussion. Some recent articles of interest include:

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