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Eli the Computer Guy: Where Isn’t He?

Eli the Computer Guy already had a heavy web presence – including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and his own websites – but recently, he’s amped up. He now hosts regular Google+ Hangouts, and has launched a new forum.

In fact, the forum was so popular, he had to close it and switch to a new platform! The new Eli the Computer Guy Community forum has lots of topic-specific message boards, plus nifty features like an event calendar and the ability to add friends.

“People wanted a forum,” Eli said. “I had to give them something that works.”

Eli also hosts the Daily Blob, a daily show in which Eli talks about a variety of tech and business topics: news, gadgets, entrepreneurial-ism, and much more. You can catch his shows live on Google+, or watch the recordings on YouTube.

The Daily Blob is interactive. Eli answers comments and questions viewers post on his social channels in each show.

“A number of fans watch the Daily Blob live, and some of them even answer other viewers’ questions during the show,” Eli said.


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