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Get Chatty About Training With Nugget Chat

We recently rolled out the beta version of a live chat feature. If you’re a subscriber, you can test it out – chat with other site users about what you’re watching, ask questions, maybe even find a study buddy!

To access Nugget Chat, you must be signed in. When you start to play a video, hover your cursor over the bottom right of the player, as you would to adjust the player volume or screen size. A “Nugget Chat (beta)” button will appear.

This is how the Nugget Chat button appears in the video player (minus the big arrow).

When you click that button, a pop-up window appears. The center of the screen is the chat. On the righthand side is a list of everyone who is using chat. CBT Nuggets team members will have (CBT) next to their names.

Note that Nugget Chat isn’t the same as our LivePerson Chat, where you can chat directly with a CBT Nuggets team member for customer and/or technical support. You can find access to that feature above the search bar on our home page. 

Next time you log in to do some training, hop on the chat and see what’s happening. Happy chatting!


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