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Michael Shannon Appreciation Week: Behind the Monitor

Lovesick Manifesto cover

Michael Shannon has fans worldwide, thanks to his IT training videos. You may know him for his security training, or his newly released Juniper Networks Junos Associate series. But you may not have known that when Michael steps away from the computer, he steps in front of an entirely different audience — music lovers!

Michael’s not only a CCSI, CCSP, CISSP, MCSE and much more; he’s also a talented musician who sings, plays guitar, and writes songs. His latest album, Lovesick Manifesto, is out now, and a new solo album is slated for next year. You can hear a clip of one track, Shadow, below.

Click to play: Shadow, Lovesick Manifesto, Michael James Shannon, 2010.

Like what you hear? Then hop on over to our Facebook and Google+ pages, where all week, we’re giving away signed copies of Lovesick Manifesto.

And tomorrow, May 17, we’ll be hanging out with Michael on our Google+ page. Spaces are limited, but you’ll need to add us to your Google+ circle if you want the opportunity to talk with Michael about Juniper, his music, or anything else. We’ll be live at 8 am Pacific Time. If you can’t make it, you’ll be able to see a recording of the session on our YouTube page.

To listen to more of Michael’s music, visit his personal website.


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