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Mike “Nugget Hero” Ghazaleh

Name: Mike Ghazaleh

Location: Florida, USA

 IT background: I’m currently a CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, and have passed my written CCIE exam. By day I am a senior network engineer for a large corporation. A large portion of my IT experience has been with the U.S. Army (which spanned about 7 years) – I was exposed to a lot of different technologies there, which helped me identify what I really enjoy doing, which is networking. Overall, I’ve been professionally involved in IT for about 8 years.

My training goal is… to become a CCIE, but ultimately to learn as much as I can about networking as a whole. Once I am able to pass the CCIE lab, I am hoping to either obtain a second, or possibly work towards becoming a Cisco trainer.

My first experience with IT was… on an old IBM Aptiva desktop that my mother bought for $300 (used) as a family computer. She was complaining it ran slow (who would have thought an Intel Pentium II would be slow?), so I tried to “clean up” unnecessary files. Since I was only 9 or 10 at the time, I ended up deleting system files and rendered the computer useless. After my mother called a technician to come and reload the operating system, it was fixed. I was pretty embarrassed, and embarked on learning everything I could about computers.

When I’m not watching CBT Nuggets videos, you’ll find me… either playing with one of my three kids (usually all three at once), or labbing on my CCIE rack in my home office. I follow a strict schedule, but definitely take periodic study breaks to play with the kids…it keeps me sane!

I’m passionate about IT because… I love learning, and being able to solve complex issues. I hate not knowing how something works- if an accountant’s answer is “well, I don’t know how we lost $10,000, but we did,” that’s certainly not acceptable. Likewise, it wouldn’t be acceptable to explain “well, the firewall just was acting weird!” to a customer. Solid, technically sound responses are needed, and to get those, you need solid foundational knowledge.

Here’s Mike’s winning entry:

I’d be perfect for the hero giveaway because I have plenty of motivation- I have twin girls (2 yrs old) and a 6 yr old daughter as well. I recently got out of the U.S. Army after serving for 6 years, including a tour to Iraq for 18 months. Now that I am in the “civilian” world, I am working harder than ever to ensure my family has a good life. In my case, I am working towards my CCIE, and hope to take my lab exam later this year. It’s an expensive process, and a subscription to CBT Nuggets would really push me along and give me the tools to attain my goals.


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