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Spring Trainerpalooza

CBT Nuggets trainers are busy people.

Shawn (left) and Bobby enjoy the Oregon weather at Sweet Cheeks Winery.

Shawn (left) and Bobby enjoy the Oregon weather & wine.

When they’re not making videos for CBT, you might find them writing books, running their own businesses, or teaching courses around the country. Despite their hectic schedules, every once in a while a group of trainers will converge at CBT Nuggets headquarters for what we humbly refer to as Trainerpalooza.

This week, were were graced by the presence of Chris Ward, Tim Warner, Bobby Meador and Shawn Powers. The visit was split evenly into fun time and work time, but with these guys, even the work is fun.

The visit kicked off with a trip to an indoor shooting range. After exhausting the ammo supply, it was off for the refined activity of the day: wine tasting. Oregon’s Willamette Valley has some mighty fine pinot, which we were happy to show off for our visitors.

Tim Warner sneaks a look at his email during a moment of downtime.

The next day was all business, which meant everyone in the office — from marketing to development — got the chance to pick the trainers’ brains. We talked about how they make their videos, new stuff in the world of IT, and even what they wanted to be when they grew up. We already knew these guys were smart, but in talking to them, we realized their intelligence stretches far beyond IT. For instance, Tim reads Homer for fun, while Shawn dabbles in home dentistry (check his Twitter feed for the gory details). Chris is a physics wiz, and Bobby creates Christmas light displays that would put Martha Stewart and Clark Griswold to shame.

All of these guys are hard at work on new CBT Nuggets series. Chris is partway through Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac, Bobby is creating Check Point Security CCMSE 156-815.71, and Tim is working on Oracle OCP. And Shawn is getting ready to unveil a very cool series… you’ll have to stay tuned for details.

Chris smiles for the camera in the green room.

When it was time for everyone to fly home — just before an unseasonable snowstorm hit — it kind of felt like the end of summer camp and saying goodbye to these awesome new friends you might not see again for a while. Sure, there’s email and Skype, but it’s not quite the same.

Then again, when we miss the sound of their voices, we can always hit up the CBT Nuggets video library and listen to the wisdom of Tim, Shawn, Bobby or Chris. Maybe while sipping a glass of pinot.


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