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Hey Nugget Nation! The buzz for Microsoft products is kicking into high gear as they get ready to unleash a slew of new products into the pipeline — are you ready for Windows 8, SQL Server 2012 and Visual Studio 2011? I know I am, and whether you’re a user, engineer, administrator, designer, developer or all of the above it’s an exciting time to be a Microsoft Professional. These products are going to be hot hot hot, and getting (or staying) certified will keep you in high demand for the foreseeable future. Let’s take a brief look at what all the hubbub is about for each product.

 – Windows 8 – 

Microsoft’s new client operating system is designed to run on all devices — from desktops to tablets to phones. It features the new Metro-style user interface designed for touch, optimized for mouse/keyboard and poised to revolutionize the experience for Windows users. The public beta for Windows 8 came out this week, with a projected release in the fall of 2012.

– Windows Server 8 –

Microsoft’s new server operating system is designed for managing the “cloud” — multi-server administration through the new Metro-style Server Manager utility has never been easier. Virtualization and storage have been greatly enhanced to make this release quite the evolution for the server side. The public beta for Windows Server 8 came out this week with a projected release in the fall of 2012.

– SQL Server 2012 –

Microsoft’s new database management system is set to handle the “data explosion” currently happening across all devices, applications and individuals. DBA’s have plenty of cool new features to ensure maximum availability, recovery without data loss and and ease of multi-database administration. Designers and developers have an array of new tools in T-SQL, Integration Services and Reporting Services that will simplify their lives as well. SQL Server 2012 is set to launch in March of this year with certifications currently in development and slated for a summer release.

 – Visual Studio 2011 /.NET 4.5 –

Microsoft’s new developer tool for building applications contains full support for building applications that target Windows 8 and HTML5 — giving developers the ability to target a wide range of platforms across devices, services and the cloud. The .NET 4.5 framework adds support for building Metro style applications across these devices and many more time saving features developers should be excited about. The public beta for Visual Studio 2011 comes out this week with a projected release in the fall of 2012.

New certifications for all of these products are right around the corner Nuggeteers. Prepare yourselves for these exciting times and stay tuned for more info on these Microsoft products and certification training from CBT Nuggets!

Happy IT-ing!



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