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Meet the Trainer: Jeremy Cioara

Jeremy Hugging a Tomato

Jeremy Cioara, CBT Nuggets trainer and friend to giant tomatoes, including ones named Bob.

State: Arizona

Professional: Certifications in Cisco CCNA, CCDA, CCNA Security, CCNA Voice, CCNP, CCSP, CCVP, CCDP, CCIE R&S, Microsoft MCP, MCSE, CAN, CNE, CompTIA A+, N+, INet+.

With CBT since: 2003

When I’m not making CBT Nuggets videos, you’ll find me… In my work life, I’ll typically be doing consulting, writing a book, or handling the day-to-day tasks of my company (EasyIT/SchoolDesk). Personally, I’ll be playing with one of my 3 kiddos (soon to be 4!) or chatting with my wife into the wee hours of the night.

Favorite Nugget: Any nugget that uses an analogy that references the Matrix movie. I love when I can make a correlation there.

The best part about being a trainer is… Who doesn’t like to talk about stuff they really enjoy?!? Just like when you run a marathon or build a table or fix a car, you want to tell someone about how cool it was. Training is the ultimate job – I’ll be out at a customer site where everything is going wrong and find myself thinking, “This is really lame, but it’ll make a great story someday…” Then, I get to sit down and share with everyone the most amazing, ultra-cool network I just had the opportunity to build!

I’m passionate about IT training because… Being in IT, I get to build a little world. It’s like the original SimCity (okay, I’m going old-school on the games here…); as I build it, I learn all types of best practices and new methods, so the more cities I build, the better they look. Then someone clicks the “cause natural disaster” button in the game and a tornado blows away a router or switch and I get to see how the ecosystem survives. It gets even better when I add the word “training” to IT – I get the chance to take all my city-building tips and missteps and share them with other people. The synergy and connections those times creates is amazing!

See Jeremy’s videos here!

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