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Hangout With Jeremy Recap









This morning, CBT Nuggets hosted a Google+ Hangout. The famous trainer Jeremy Cioara generously spent 30 minutes answering questions with participants from around the globe, including Poland, Iceland, the United Kingdom and the United States. Some tuned in from their homes, others from their offices. A parrot even made an appearance!

We had a full house – Hangouts are limited to 10 participants at a time, and we were at capacity nearly the entire 30 minutes. The lucky people who got in to the Hangout had a lot of questions to throw at Jeremy. One thing everyone wanted to know was what Jeremy’s next series would be.

The answer is that he’s working on BGP, and will follow that up with MPLS. Our hangout-ers were excited to hear that (and we’re excited too!).

Jeremy also revealed the secret to his high energy level: Coffee, plus a love of the “Ah-ha!” moment when you discover a solution to a problem that’s been driving you mad.

There will be Hangouts with other trainers in the future. To take part, make sure you add CBT Nuggets to your Google+ circles.


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