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Testimonial: David Chaulk, Baker College of Port Huron

David Chaulk, who chairs the Department of Computer Networking Technology at Baker College of Port Huron in Michigan, understands how important it is to ensure that he and his three adjunct faculty members are equipped with the knowledge necessary to teach their students while keeping up with the latest in technology and IT trends. That’s why he turned to CBT Nuggets, investing in a one-year IT Nuggets streaming subscription.

“I’ve been teaching IT for 15 years,” said Chaulk. “I’m always studying the newest, latest and greatest thing, so I’ve been through every conceivable training option available. Everything. It always comes down to the fact that you have to study it and use it.”

According to Chaulk, it’s all in the way the message is delivered.

“Here’s what I love about the CBT Nuggets product, and I really do love it,” explained Chaulk. “The way the product is integrated is very cool with the whiteboard at the beginning. It looks more hands-on. But the fact that it’s broken it up into smaller chunks, hence the term ‘Nuggets,’ is key. That’s a [proven] teaching style that was researched not that long ago. Even in my classroom, I don’t sit and lecture at students for an hour – it’s like 15-20 minutes. That’s exactly how these videos are. It’s not as intimidating as a 700 page book can be.”

According to Chaulk, the CBT Nuggets product is a valuable teaching asset, in addition to being an effective training tool. When teaching a course, he can easily enter the streaming library and access any particular subject for extra material.

“And the [experts] doing the training videos— guys like Greg [Shields] and Don [Jones]—are actually people whose books I’ve purchased and whose seminars and conferences I’ve attended, which is very cool.”

Chaulk has received nothing but positive feedback from his faculty members, who have shared their appreciation for the product, despite the fact they have very little extra time to study or train.

“They work in their IT careers during the day, then teach it here at the college in the evenings,” explained Chaulk. “They can literally sit down anywhere there’s an Internet connection and spend 20 to 30 minutes at a time with it, which is great. One of them is picking up a Microsoft certification, while the others are teaching
on the security end.”

Chaulk did receive one complaint from his staff: “Why didn’t we get this sooner?”


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