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New transition requirements: Admins please read

Calling all admins of CBT Nuggets subscriptions: We are proud to present…

NEW as of Thursday, 28 July

We can’t wait to reveal all of our cool features, looks and gadgets on our new website … but these improvements may require a little TLC on the part of our Admins.  We have been working hard to make sure any configuration changes you may need to make are minimal– and hope you’ll agree that the smoother operating experience is well worth it! Here are the spots we encourage you to monitor for the easiest transition:

  • The new player requires Flash. In some cases, flash may need to be reinstalled (especially if the viewer installed a new browser since the last time they installed flash).  This may require administrator permission on the viewing workstation.
  • We’ve added a variable playback speed option to the player. If your viewers want to option of variable speed (and most viewers LOVE it), You’ll need to allow the installation of the “Enounce MySpeed” add-in/plug-in.  Users will be prompted for permission to install an OS application or a browser plugin. This behavior differs depending on OS/browser combination and may require administrator permission on the viewing workstation.
  • Corporate environment with firewalls, proxy servers or Web-filtering applications? The following information will be of use: Our training is streaming from using RTMP/UDP (port 1935). The actual IP address this domain will resolve to will change so filtering must be allowed by domain.  Special firewall rules that have been put into place to allow CBT Nuggets content to be viewed inside a corporate perimeter will need to be updated to reflect the new streaming cluster. The new address that must be allowed access is — please open ports 80/TCP as well as 1935/UDP.
  • Access to “Your Account” is now available by clicking on your email address at the top-right corner of the website, once you log in.

If you need any clarification or assistance, please email  Thank you for your patience and for your continued support as we work to bring you the best IT Training– in the best format possible.

– Dan Charbonneau


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