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We Know Jack!

The sheer number of wonderful customer responses we get everyday telling us how we have helped with your company growth and careers keep us excited to make sure CBT Nuggets continues to deliver our top notch product. Today, Jack Allen, the Information Technology Director for the Louisiana School Employees Retirement System, sent us this note that warmed our nuggets.  Thanks Jack!:

I have utilized the CBT Nuggets training course throughout the last 10 years of my career. The knowledge gained from their training aids have assisted in becoming an IT Director 2  for a major state organization. This training has been provided to all my employees for as long as I have been a manager and gained a tremendous amount of insight before successfully accomplishing projects in house without any contractor assistance. Most anyone can attend a class and if you’re lucky an employee might gain 50% of the knowledge offered. The employee will retain less than 10% of the information if the skills are not utilized immediately after the course is taken. However, with the CBT Nugget courses we can look at the training anytime and anywhere while refreshing staffs memory on skills that are not used every day. The training provided has saved the organizations I have managed thousands of dollars while cultivating the skill set of my employees to require less support from outside contractors. Not to mention providing training to the departments entire staff in applications like word and excel. I would recommend CBT Nuggets to any organization looking to provide quality training for a fair price.

…. and speaking of Jacks….


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