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Do You Want IBM DB2 DBA Training?

What’s up? Between Julie Johnson, Don Jones, and yours truly, I think we have the vast majority of your database administrator (DBA) learning needs taken care of. As of today, CBT Nuggets offers full-spectrum DBA training for the following relational database management system (RDBMS) platforms:

My question for you today is: would you be at all interested in taking one or more CBT Nuggets training courses on the IBM DB2 RDBMS?

What is IBM DB2?

If you are already familiar with enterprise-class RDBMS systems like SQL Server and Oracle, then you know the basics of IBM DB2. DB2 is IBM’s implementation of a large-scale database system. Because both the relational database model as well as the Structured Query Language (SQL) came from IBM in the early 1970s, some consider DB2 to be the first RDBMS.

What I find a bit “sticky” about DB2 is that it leverages quite a bit of Java technology. You might recall that Oracle purchased Sun Microsystems, which developed Java, a couple of years ago. You understand capitalism and the vicious competition between information technology vendors—I wonder how this will affect the DB2 platform in coming years.

How Does the DBA Cert Track Work?

IBM has a blistering, confusing array of certification programs—far too many, in my opinion. For our purposes, let’s examine the following certification title:

To earn this certification you must pass the following two IBM tests:

Have any of you taken an IBM certification exam? If so, what were your experiences?

Next Steps

If you feel that you can benefit from a CBT Nuggets training series on IBM DB2, then please let us know in the comments portion of this post. I look forward to communicating with you. Happy studying!


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