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Vegas Baby! CBT Nuggets At the IT Trade Shows

Going to Trade Shows is one of our favorite things to do. We are really proud of our CBT Nuggets trainings and it’s fun to show them off live. The positive response from all of you really warms our hearts. Our recent InterOp trip was especially fun because…well it’s always fun to find yourself in Las Vegas. You never know what will happen next.

Dan Charbooneau ended up having the best stories to take home. First he ran into the greatest defensive football player of all time, Dick Butkus! They had a great conversation and that alone could have been been the highlight of the trip, until…

Dan and his wife Johnna went to the David Copperfield show that evening and was called on stage to help with a magic trick! Dan got to see the magic behind the magic. Of course, David Copperfield swore Dan to secrecy after the show, but it’s no secret that Dan was feeling pretty special.

Our next trade shows are:
The New Southern Oregon Interface Show at Seven Feathers June 10, 2011
Interface Anaheim, CA June23, 2011

Stop by if you’re in town and say hi to the Nuggets Team!


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