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Study Approaches to My CBT Nuggets Courses

Hi everyone. Originally I thought to title this blog post “Study Approaches to CBT Nuggets Courses” but I did not want to presume that I knew my fellow trainers’ instructional methodologies. 🙂

In this brief essay I will share with you some practical tips that you can use to derive the greatest benefit from my CBT Nuggets training courses. There are no rules, of course, and above all else you know what your personal learning style is. However, if you can derive some benefit from these tips, then so much the better. Let’s get to work.

Tip #1: Watch the Nuggets In Order

Depending upon your initial experience level when you begin a CBT Nuggets training course, you may be tempted to pick and choose selected nuggets instead of watching the movies in sequential order. At least as far as my own series are concerned, I strongly suggest that you watch the nuggets sequentially. Why? Well, thanks for asking!

The content builds sequentially. I intentionally “stack” my content such that concepts and procedures that we learn earlier in the training recur periodically through the rest of the course. If you begin your training by leaping into a later nugget, you may think I’m glossing over an important topic, when in point of fact we thoroughly covered said topic earlier on, and are just referring to it currently.

The content assumes you are building skills. To reiterate, the stuff we learn earlier on in the course intentionally comes back to “haunt us” several times later in the training. Moreover, I assume that you have mastered the earlier skills so we are free to simply apply them in a practical manner for the rest of the course.

Tip #2: Take Note of the Thought Bubbles

Something I do with my courses that is perhaps a bit different from what my CBT Nuggets colleagues do is include “thought bubble” captions frequently throughout the nugget movie series. A couple of years ago I was performing my post-production review of a course, and the thought struck me that I could add some serious value to the training if I inserted supplemental information and hyperlinks in on-screen captions.

Some of my students have since contacted me and informed me of what I hope is the only downside to the thought bubble captions: we don’t currently have a way of making hyperlinks clickable in the captions.

Therefore, you have to be in a physical position to make a note of each URL as it pops up on-screen. Sorry about that inconvenience! However, I hope that the additional value that the bubbles provides you counterbalances the non-functional hyperlink issue.

Tip #3: Practice Along with the Demos

Wherever possible, you should get your hands on physical or virtual gear in order to practice along with my demos. Nothing will solidify your understanding of the concepts like hands-on experience with the technologies at hand.

I wrote another blog post here that gives you suggestions for practicing with SQL Server 2008. Those same suggestions apply to most of the other technologies that I teach.

I hope that this information was useful to you; thanks for


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