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How well do you learn by listening? Do you spend much time consuming audiobooks? If so, then you may be very interested in the MP3 download option that CBT Nuggets offers its Nugget Streaming Subscription (NSS) customers.

How Does it Work?

Once you log into your account, launch the video player and find your desired training series. When you start your first video you’ll notice a Download MP3 link in the top part of the window. I’ve highlighted this control in the following screenshot:

You will also be pleased to discover that CBT Nuggets tagged all of the MP3s so that their metadata displays intelligently in your MP3 management software and player:


Why is This Cool?

Maybe it’s just me, but I thoroughly enjoy queuing up a nugget series and playing a lesson or two during my daily runs. In my view, the MP3 option provides an alternate, excellent way to pack in extra coverage of your desired study content. I hope that you enjoy the audio version as much as I do. Happy studying!


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