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Get Ready for Oracle 11g OCA!

Are you interested in database administration? Do you want to understand how Oracle Database 11g works? Do you want to earn the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) certification? Well, if you answered any of the previous questions in the affirmative, then you should be pretty excited. Why? Because as of today I am approximately 75 percent finished on my new series covering Oracle exam 1Z0-052, Oracle Database 11g Administration I.

Why is the Course Cool?

Because I know that perhaps the majority of CBT Nuggets students are Microsoft-centric in their technology skill set, I intentionally designed this training such that current SQL Server DBAs should find themselves as comfortable as possible in translating those skills to the Oracle platform. To be sure, I sprinkle liberal “it works this way” references to both Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle’s own MySQL throughout the course.

Another cool thing about the course is that by the time you complete the training, you will not only have the exam-specific Oracle DBA skills under your belt, but you will also (a) be conversant in the classically cryptic Oracle terminology such that you can discuss the platform intelligently with seasoned Oracle DBAs; and (b) be aware of the major sources of Oracle knowledge, both online and printed.

Here is the table of contents (TOC) For my DBA I CBT Nuggets course:

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture
  3. Preparing the Database Environment
  4. Creating an Oracle Database
  5. Managing the Oracle Instance Part 1
  6. Managing the Oracle Instance Part 2
  7. Configuring the Oracle Network Environment
  8. Managing Database Storage Structures
  9. Administering User Security
  10. Managing Data and Concurrency
  11. Managing Undo Data
  12. Implementing Oracle Database Security
  13. Database Maintenance
  14. Performance Management
  15. Intelligent Infrastructure Enhancements
  16. Backup and Recovery Concepts
  17. Performing Database Backups Part 1
  18. Performing Database Backups Part 2
  19. Performing Database Recovery
  20. Moving Data

What’s Next?

In order to earn your OCA credential in Oracle Database 11g, you also need to pass one of the following Oracle exams:

Of these aforementioned exam choices, the one that I feel has the widest audience is SQL Fundamentals I. Accordingly, this will be my next course after I submit DBA I for publication.

Therefore, by the time you complete both Oracle 11g courses, you are fully equipped to pass the required exams, earn your OCA, and get out there in the IT marketplace!

Call For Content

If you have any suggestions for CBT Nuggets courses or blog topics that you’d like to see, then please feel free to leave those in the comments area of this post. Thanks very much, and happy studying!


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