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Linux Videos

I just finished reviewing the latest Linux series from Shawn Powers.  Some series hit home for me more so than others; boy did I like this one!  We just finished our migration to the cloud, so I’ve been working with Linux servers for the past two months.  It’s so frustrating to not quite know how to do what you need to do.  I don’t work with Linux very often so I was constantly google’ing for little things that I probably should know.

I also have been working on a web server for my children’s school, which is linux.  There’s just something about making a linux server do what you want it to that is so rewarding.

So anyway, as I’m watching this LPIC video series that Shawn just finished, it was one eureka moment after another.  Look for it in about a week in the NSS (Nugget Streaming Subscription).

This picture is me reviewing the last of the Linux videos while my daughter is putting stickers on my face.  🙂


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