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This video training with Robert Barr covers C Sharp programming including implementing methods, working with methods, and more....
This video training with Robert Barr covers C Sharp programming including implementing methods, working with methods, and more.

Recommended skills:
  • Experience with C Sharp programming

Recommended equipment:
  • Microsoft Windows

Related certifications:
  • None

Related job functions:
  • Web programmers

Whether you're a beginner or experienced programmer, this training will give you a running start programming in C#.

The on-the-job training course C# videos teach you how to go from an "interest in C# programming" to using it as a powerful development tool. You'll learn about how C# treats variables, operators, and expressions - the core elements of computer programming. You'll learn about methods, classes, objects, and assemblies. You'll learn many of the common functionalities you need to know to create applications for the enterprise. Plus, you'll learn how to use C# to create data-driven applications leveraging the power of XML and ADO.NET.

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1. Overview: What is Microsoft .NET? (26 min)
2. Introducing Microsoft C# (30 min)
3. The Basics of Variables, Operators, and Expressions (47 min)
4. Implementing Methods (38 min)
5. Making Decisions Using Flow Control (65 min)
6. Classes, Objects, and Assemblies (36 min)
7. Developing Business Objects Part 1 (34 min)
8. Developing Business Objects Part 2 (24 min)
9. Working with Menus (25 min)
10. Working with C# Events (22 min)
11. Windows List Controls: The Combo Box (26 min)
12. Introduction to ADO.NET Part 1 (30 min)
13. Introduction to ADO.NET Part 2 (27 min)
14. Introduction to ADO.NET Part 3 (24 min)
15. Databound Controls (35 min)
16. Introducing ASP .NET (29 min)
17. Databound Web Applications (51 min)
18. Using the Web Configuration File (35 min)
19. Advanced DataGrid Techniques (25 min)
20. The .NET Framework and XML (35 min)

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11 hrs 20 videos


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