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This video training with Michael Shannon covers server administration, including topics such as networking essentials, troubleshooting and methodology, and more....
This video training with Michael Shannon covers server administration, including topics such as networking essentials, troubleshooting and methodology, and more.

Recommended skills:
  • 18 to 24 months working with server technology
  • CompTIA A+ certification

Recommended equipment:
  • Windows Server 2008 or newer

Related certifications:
  • CompTIA Server+

Related job functions:
  • Sales solution specialists
  • Software developers
  • Systems engineers
  • IT server administrators
  • Authorized service technicians

Earning Server+ certification shows you've got your server admin basics down pat. This Michael Shannon video training prepares you for the Server+ exam, while building the skills and confidence you'll need to become a server administrator or systems operator.

Michael discusses cutting-edge technologies like Flash RAM, uses flash presentations to explain cool concepts like "RAID," and demonstrates server operating systems like Windows server 2008 in action.

This training maps to the CompTIA Server+ certification exam. Plus, it gives you detailed information you'll use every day as a systems pro.

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1. Introduction to Server+ (9 min)
2. Server Roles (25 min)
3. System Board Types (39 min)
4. Server Chassis Types (37 min)
5. Memory Features (26 min)
6. Processor Features (34 min)
7. Expansion Cards (32 min)
8. NOS Installation and Deployment (45 min)
9. NOS Configration and Update (46 min)
10. NOS Security Software (26 min)
11. NOS Management Features (53 min)
12. Server Virtualization (28 min)
13. Networking Essentials (43 min)
14. Server RAID (20 min)
15. Internal Storage Technologies (37 min)
16. External Storage Technologies (29 min)
17. Documentation and Best Practices (37 min)
18. Environmental Controls and Location (25 min)
19. Server Access Methods (26 min)
20. Physical Security Measures (30 min)
21. Backup and Restore (46 min)
22. Replication, Retention, and Disposition (35 min)
23. Disaster Recovery Steps (33 min)
24. Troubleshooting and Methodology (29 min)
25. Hardware Troubleshooting and Tools (27 min)
26. Troubleshooting Software Issues (37 min)
27. Troubleshooting Network Issues (45 min)
28. Troubleshooting Storage Issues (27 min)

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Entry 16 hrs 28 videos


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