Oracle Database 11g SQL Fundamentals 1 1Z0-051

Control and Manipulate your Oracle Database 11g with Structured Query Language.

Total Videos : 20 Course Duration: 10:29:23
1. Course Introduction (00:18:23)
2. About SQL (00:41:33)
3. Retrieving Data By Using the SELECT Statement (00:38:10)
4. Restricting and Sorting Data (00:37:24)
5. Using Single-Row Functions to Customize Output (00:36:51)
6. Reporting Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions (00:30:04)
7. PL/SQL Basics (00:36:03)
8. Displaying Data from Multiple Tables (00:38:11)
9. Using Subqueries (00:24:21)
10. Using the Set Operators (00:23:51)
11. Using DDL Statements to Create and Manage Tables (00:46:29)
12. Creating Other Schema Objects Part 1 (00:31:43)
13. Creating Other Schema Objects Part 2 (00:34:39)
14. Manipulating Data Part 1 (00:30:32)
15. Manipulating Data Part 2 (00:30:34)
16. Basic Oracle Database Security (00:35:14)
17. Accessing the Data Dictionary (00:22:19)
18. Referencing the Oracle Documentation (00:22:24)
19. Using Oracle Flashback Query (00:24:57)
20. Query Optimization Basics (00:25:41)
This Oracle Database 11g SQL Fundamentals 1 1Z0-051 course, trainer Timothy Warner will cover retrieving, restricting, manipulating, and sorting data, subqueries, database security, and more. He will also provide the information necessary to pass the 1Z0-051 exam.

Related Area of Expertise:
  • Database Development
Data, data everywhere…take control of your database and learn to manipulate it with the tried-and-true Structured Query Language (SQL) in Oracle Database 11g. Whether you're an IT pro who wants to add Oracle DBA and SQL querying to your tool belt, a DBA in another technology who wants to dive into Oracle, or a newcomer to relational databases who yearns to learn SQL, this course will give you what you need to reach your goal.

In this course, you'll gain SQL proficiency and be able to take control of your data. Best of all, you can apply the skills you learn not only to Oracle, but to almost any RDBMS platform! And, trainer Tim Warner gives you all sorts of cool supplemental learning references -– all of the SQL work files can be downloaded free at, and the course is filled with recommendations for white papers, Web sites and more.

Once you've finished this Nugget course, you'll be fully prepared to pass the 1Z0-051 SQL Fundamentals exam – and be ready to move on to the next in line for the Oracle DBA OCA track. More importantly, you'll gain an extremely useful and portable tool that will help you make the most of your database.

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