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Microsoft Office Word 2013 77-418

Microsoft Office Specialist - Word

Course Duration: 09:23:21
What's New in 2013!
Every time they update the Office products, Microsoft always adds some pretty cool features. This Nugget primarily shares some behind-the -cenes changes and additions, but it will also introduce you to the Word interface.
Installing Office 2013
The push to the cloud is almost complete when it comes to Microsoft's end-user products, but that doesn't mean you can't have your cloud and PC too! We'll take you through some options you have as an end-user or IT admin to get the power of Office 2013 in your hands.
Workspace Fundamentals
This Nugget is for those not familiar with the Office Ribbon, Backstage, and QAT. It gives you an idea of your workspace and how to find the appropriate commands you'll need in order to create those awesome documents! It also includes a little tip on how to put a shortcut on your desktop.
File Management
Creating documents from scratch is certainly possible, but Office products have always come with some pretty sweet templates. We show you where and how to find them, how to create your own templates, and where and how to save your files. All that, plus a quick look at viewing multiple documents.
Text, Symbols, and Equations
It might sound simple: adding text to your document. However, there are a few things you might not know such as how to use overtype, utilizing hidden text, and putting symbols and equations into a document. Here are a few cool tricks and tips included here in this nugget.
Manipulating Text
How many times have you typed out some text in a report or document only to want to move it somewhere else? Selecting and moving text is something most of us are aware of, but there are some neat tips here in this Nugget to help speed up the process. We also introduce you to the world of spelling and grammar check!
Automatic Features Part 1
As my good friend Brian fondly says, Microsoft likes to "automagically" do things behind the scenes. This is especially correct in the spelling and grammar usage. We take a look at Autocorrect and Math Autocorrect, and how you can change their behaviors, customize them, and even turn them off if necessary.
Automatic Features Part 2
Smart quotes, ordinals, bulleted lists, weird behaviors . . . all things you encounter when Word 2013 decides to autoformat. How do you change these behaviors? How do you manipulate them? And more importantly, what the heck are building blocks? Sit back and relax as we cover it all in this Nugget.
Using Graphics Part 1
It has been said (and promoted by Microsoft) that you don't really need a bunch of publishing software anymore because of the graphic capabilities of Word 2013. With 3D effects, coloration, adjustments, compression, and more, you can create works of art that are ready to be published. Check out this Nugget where we look at online art, photos, and the vastly improved text boxes!
Using Graphics Part 2
Using Autoshapes and WordArt, we have the ability to spice up our reports, documents, and published papers. Literally, with so many choices at your fingertips, you can paint a more complex composition on this blank canvas known as Word 2013.
Diagrams and SmartArt
Telling a story with text is acceptable in some places. But how much better would it be if you use visuals that are fused with the text to take it to the next level? You storytelling capabilities can increase with the use of SmartArt Diagrams. We'll show you how it all works together in this Nugget.
Text Formatting
Words are vitally important in word processing. The amount of formatting you can do to text in Word 2013 is mind-boggling. We take a basic and then advanced look at all these options we have before us to make our text stand out above the rest.
Paragraph Formatting
While you can be as granular as formatting a single character, most people will want to take larger blocks of text and apply the formatting overall. Paragraphs give you that advantage — and you'll want to utilize some of the cool tips and tricks we show you in this Nugget.
Tabs and Columns
Greatly misunderstood and underutilized, tabs and columns can truly help your documents become even more efficient in their communication. Both of these concepts have been around since the day of the typewriter, and column-wise, since the dawn of the printing press!
Page Formatting Part 1
So far we've looked at individual items and the formatting for things like words, graphics, etc. Now we look at the big picture and decide how our page is going to be set up. We'll look at when we put page breaks in, how sections help us to "break up" the huge documents into easier pieces to format, and we also talk about margins.
Page Formatting Part 2
From colorful backgrounds to artful borders, Word 2013 can make your pages leap to life on the screen. Plus, we show you that the unused white space above and below are just begging to be used for headers and footers in this Nugget.
For most business documentation, you want an order, a flow, or structure to your text as you present it in print or electronic form. Tables help you do that in a very visual way! It's true that you have the ability to bring in Excel spreadsheets into Word 2013, but sometimes that's a bit of an overkill. Tables can get the job done efficiently and quickly.
Organizing Content - TOC's and Indexes
Let's face it folks: Eventually, you will move past 1-page letters and 4-page school papers and into the world of many hundred-page reports and documentation. That's where this Nugget comes to the rescue. Organization will save you many hours of fruitless searching with the power of TOC's and indexes.
Organizing Content - Footnotes and Bibliographies
In todays world of research papers, documents, legal briefs, etc., it's good to have an understanding of making notes and giving credit for your sources. Word 2013 to the rescue! Easy to use features will make it a breeze to cite your sources, make some notes, and make you look like the professional you are!
Advanced Features - Linked Data, Protecting Documents, Macros
There are a few features that most people don't utilize on a day to day basis that can be exam worthy. Plus, if you are sending documents out for review, you want to make sure that you have only the necessary information embedded in the properties. Check out this Nugget for some pretty cool features.

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This Microsoft video training series with Chris Ward covers the objectives for the 77-418 exam and prepares viewers to use Word 2013 in the business environment.

Recommended skills:
  • Basic computer skills
  • Understanding of word processing.

Recommended equipment:
  • Computer running Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7, or Windows 8
  • Office 2013 software

Related certifications:
  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Word

Related job functions
  • Business Office
  • Correspondence
  • Email
  • Word Processing
  • Document preparation

Microsoft Office 2013 takes users even deeper into the cloud environment with applications that tie into SkyDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange. While many people are choosing to utilize Office 365, some will choose to also download the local copy of Office 2013. This series will take a viewer through the basics to advanced techniques in Word 2013. From simply typing text to producing Office documents that link to others, this is the series to make you a true Office Specialist when it comes to Word 2013.

What's New in 2013!

00:00:00 -
00:00:01 - Hey everyone.
00:00:02 - Welcome to the CBT Nugget series on Word 2013.
00:00:06 - And the best way to start off, I think, this series is to
00:00:09 - tell you a little bit about what's new in Office 2013
00:00:13 - overall, which of course will include Word 2013.
00:00:18 - So what is new in Office 2013?
00:00:21 - I'm sure a lot of you are pretty excited to see some of
00:00:24 - the new features, some of the new things that we have
00:00:26 - available to us.
00:00:28 - And one thing, of course, that I think is kind of cool is
00:00:31 - SharePoint and SQL integration.
00:00:33 - We'll tell you why here in just a second.
00:00:35 - Active Directory activation, and of course Apps for Office.
00:00:38 - Well, those are the first three that we'll take a look
00:00:40 - at right now.
00:00:42 - And probably the one that I know for a lot of my friends
00:00:45 - who are really big into Access, is that the SharePoint
00:00:50 - and SQL integration now means that when you run Access 2013,
00:00:59 - basically it is an app that runs with SharePoint.
00:01:04 - So it's basically like a web app that runs in a browser
00:01:08 - utilizing SharePoint as its kind of backend at
00:01:11 - least for the tools.
00:01:14 - Now, the cool thing is that it also now becomes--
00:01:20 - or accesses the database through SQL 2012.
00:01:24 - So if you create the app in a SharePoint server, that the
00:01:27 - company has, Access is going to create the database in the
00:01:31 - SQL Server 2012 installation that you obviously are
00:01:35 - integrating anyway with SharePoint.
00:01:36 - I mean, that's one of the big things, right,
00:01:38 - with SharePoint 2013?
00:01:39 - And so, in fact, check out Tim Warner's series
00:01:42 - on SharePoint 2013.
00:01:44 - Absolutely incredible.
00:01:45 - And I'll give you a little bit more idea.
00:01:47 - But those of you who were like, oh, it used to be Access
00:01:51 - was kind of the orphaned stepchild of the Office
00:01:54 - products, because everybody was like, I mean, if you
00:01:56 - really want to use a database, you want to use SQL.
00:02:00 - Well, now Access 2013 can become that web app that you
00:02:03 - use in a browser and have access to all of
00:02:07 - your database objects.
00:02:10 - The data, the tables, the queries, the macros, the
00:02:12 - forms, everything else is going to be accessible to you
00:02:15 - through that, which is pretty stinking sweet.
00:02:18 - Active Directory activation.
00:02:20 - Now, a lot of people were thinking I was going to
00:02:22 - probably say at this point Active Directory integration.
00:02:26 - Well, here's the thing.
00:02:27 - Active Directory activation is actually a pretty nifty thing.
00:02:31 - Now, for those of you who are the IT directors or anything,
00:02:35 - remember, we have that thing called VL,
00:02:38 - right, volume licensing?
00:02:44 - Now I'm going to tell you why this is cool for both you as
00:02:46 - an IT admin and you as an end user.
00:02:49 - Volume licensing as an IT admin, when you have 800 to
00:02:53 - 1,000 employees and you need to roll out your new versions
00:02:58 - of Office, like Office 2010 and Office 2013, it used to be
00:03:04 - with the Microsoft policy you had to activate those volume
00:03:09 - license editions, right?
00:03:10 - And that was both on a physical computer or whether
00:03:13 - it was running in a virtual machine.
00:03:14 - Well, now with Active Directory activation, any time
00:03:19 - a user logs into a domain--
00:03:21 - so in this case, maybe it's
00:03:23 -
00:03:30 - or as we always say,
00:03:33 - and that user logs into the domain, guess what?
00:03:39 - There is a Group Policy object out there that's going to say,
00:03:42 - yes, this person has access to Office 2013.
00:03:44 - Boom.
00:03:45 - Installation.
00:03:46 - Boom.
00:03:46 - It is activated.
00:03:48 - Boom.
00:03:48 - You're done.
00:03:49 - So the Office 2013 volume license clients can
00:03:52 - automatically activate against the domain.
00:03:55 - However, there are some ways that the quid pro quos and the
00:04:00 - little et cetera, et cetera additions to that.
00:04:03 - It has to be Windows 8 or Server 2012.
00:04:14 - Those are the two machines that can allow you to do that.
00:04:16 - So if you're using that, then that would of course be a
00:04:18 - client computer running Server 2012, you would need that.
00:04:22 - Very cool feature.
00:04:23 - Obviously, it takes a lot of work away from I would say the
00:04:28 - IT admin guy, because now he just puts in a
00:04:30 - Group Policy object.
00:04:31 - Boom.
00:04:32 - You're done.
00:04:32 - For the end user, you get a brand new Windows 8 machine.
00:04:35 - You log into the domain.
00:04:38 - The IT admin doesn't need to worry about whether you are
00:04:40 - active, because he's already put your username, or you as a
00:04:44 - user I should say, into a group.
00:04:46 - That group then has the Group Policy activated to it against
00:04:48 - the domain.
00:04:49 - And you will then get Office 2013.
00:04:52 - And it will automatically activate for that, which I
00:04:55 - think is pretty dang stinking cool.
00:04:58 - Now we also have what are called Apps for Office.
00:05:03 - Apps for Office.
00:05:04 - Now Apps for Office is basically you can use-- and I
00:05:09 - know this sounds kind of strange.
00:05:11 - You can create new applications.
00:05:15 - So this would be like a new application.
00:05:17 -
00:05:21 - And it actually integrates and works with Office 2013.
00:05:28 - And the way that you can do this is you can use things
00:05:31 - like HTML5.
00:05:34 - You can use XML, of course, because that's what we're
00:05:37 - using anything else.
00:05:39 - You can use CSS3.
00:05:41 - You can use JavaScript, Jscript.
00:05:43 -
00:05:46 - And even--
00:05:48 - and I had to check this, but it's true--
00:05:50 - REST APIs.
00:05:53 - Now, for those of you guys are programming, and you're
00:05:56 - thinking, wow.
00:05:57 - That's kind of cool.
00:05:58 - So think about this.
00:05:59 - Now for an end user, you're like, uh, what does this mean?
00:06:02 - Basically an App for Office is a web page that's inside a
00:06:06 - client application.
00:06:09 - So for example you could run--
00:06:13 - if I have Word, Word 2013 running, and I build an app
00:06:19 - for it, and within that application, Word 2013, you
00:06:24 - can add a translation app that has been written that is web
00:06:34 - accessible.
00:06:35 - In other words, you can go out and access
00:06:37 - this through the web.
00:06:38 - It brings it into the interface.
00:06:40 - And they work together.
00:06:43 - And by the way, this can be out on a catalog
00:06:45 - that you can locate--
00:06:46 - yeah, you've got it--
00:06:47 - out here through SharePoint or out on the web somewhere.
00:06:51 - So again, this is kind of a cool thing that you can use,
00:06:54 - Apps for Office.
00:06:57 - And by the way, and you notice, all of these are very
00:07:00 - common and open source, most of them, type of environments.
00:07:05 - So it's not like something like it's only Microsoft stuff
00:07:07 - that can work with this.
00:07:09 - It's not true.
00:07:10 - One of the best examples I've seen is--
00:07:14 - of course, Microsoft owns this-- but Bing.
00:07:16 - Bing has the translation app.
00:07:18 - And they can use that as a task pane.
00:07:19 - So something really cool and something I think most of you
00:07:23 - would really be interested in if you are more in the
00:07:26 - development side of things for your particular company.
00:07:30 - So what else is new in 2013 that we can
00:07:32 - get all excited about?
00:07:34 - Well, Office Web Apps and Office Web App Server, which
00:07:38 - is pretty cool; SkyDrive Pro; and Sign-In IDs.
00:07:42 - These are just three other things that I think are
00:07:44 - probably more relevant to most people as both end users and
00:07:48 - as IT admins.
00:07:50 - Now, some of you, especially if you're an end user, you're
00:07:52 - thinking to yourself, OK.
00:07:54 - What's the difference between and app that you just talked
00:07:58 - about, Chris, and these Office Web Apps?
00:08:00 - Well, Office Web Apps have been around for just a little
00:08:03 - bit, especially with the introduction of Office 365.
00:08:06 - Office Web Apps basically allow you to have a browser--
00:08:12 - you can use any supported web browser--
00:08:14 - and you can use I would say kind of a stripped-down
00:08:17 - version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.
00:08:21 - So again, you can use Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and one of
00:08:33 - my favorites, OneNote.
00:08:37 - Check out my OneNote series, by the way, or the Office 365.
00:08:40 - And you'll see I actually talk about Web Apps.
00:08:42 - And so Web Apps, basically any supported web
00:08:44 - browser will work.
00:08:46 - And by the way, that includes on mobile devices,
00:08:49 - specifically Windows Phone.
00:08:53 - You can tell she's really excited about that.
00:08:56 - IPhones.
00:08:56 - I have it on mine.
00:08:58 - And I have it on my iPad as well.
00:09:00 - So you can do that.
00:09:01 - Now, understand on the iPhone, the screen's a little small,
00:09:03 - so you know you're not going to be doing a tremendous
00:09:06 - amount of different things.
00:09:09 - But basically, Office Web Apps used to be all about
00:09:13 - SharePoint.
00:09:15 - But now we actually have what is known as the Office Web
00:09:19 - Apps Server, which is a standalone product.
00:09:24 - You can actually get this and you don't have to have
00:09:26 - SharePoint running.
00:09:28 - Now I would say you definitely want to try to have the Office
00:09:33 - Web Apps Server running as well.
00:09:35 - But for the most part, you don't absolutely need it.
00:09:40 - Now, most people--
00:09:41 - I would say this.
00:09:42 - Most people in a Microsoft shop are going to be running
00:09:45 - SharePoint, especially SharePoint 2013, because I
00:09:47 - already showed you some really neat integration that happens.
00:09:50 - But it is now unnecessary for those Web Apps to be running,
00:09:55 - because you now have the Office Web Apps Server.
00:09:58 - One last thing on that is you could actually create an
00:10:02 - Office Web Apps Server farm, which can provide Office
00:10:05 - services to just about everybody,
00:10:07 - which is kind of cool.
00:10:09 - And also, of course, SharePoint 2013, Link 2013,
00:10:13 - Exchange 2013 if you're going to be using Outlook, also
00:10:18 - somewhat important for doing that.
00:10:21 - Now, SkyDrive Pro.
00:10:24 - SkyDrive Pro.
00:10:26 - What can we say about SkyDrive Pro.
00:10:30 - SkyDrive Pro, remember SkyDrive's been around for a
00:10:32 - little bit.
00:10:33 - And a lot of people have used it.
00:10:34 - But now, you can take it to larger amounts of data or
00:10:40 - documents that are now enabled.
00:10:43 - Users can take their documents basically in SkyDrive--
00:10:47 - used to be you had to have that web connectivity.
00:10:49 - You now have offline access, which is nice.
00:10:54 - And so let's say you take a document offline.
00:10:56 - You do some editing.
00:10:57 - As soon as you link back in and sign back in up into the
00:11:02 - cloud, it will then immediately synchronize--
00:11:06 - we'll do a little lightning bolt here, a
00:11:08 - little lightning bolt.
00:11:09 - And it will synchronize that to your document.
00:11:13 - And by the way, if you have your Windows Phone, it will
00:11:17 - then automatically update that one.
00:11:18 - And then I've got my iPad over here.
00:11:20 - And boom, it'll update that one as well.
00:11:24 - So now you could work from whether
00:11:26 - you're online or offline.
00:11:27 - You can work on any devices.
00:11:29 - Plus, now with the offline access, what makes Pro even
00:11:33 - better is, if I've got Bob here, Sue, and then Jeremy--
00:11:39 - because I always have to throw Jeremy into
00:11:41 - one of these things.
00:11:42 - So I've got Bob, Sue, and Jeremy.
00:11:44 - Jeremy's on an iPad.
00:11:47 - Sue's on her laptop.
00:11:50 - And bob's on his Windows Phone.
00:11:53 - OK.
00:11:56 - So you have three people, three different devices.
00:11:58 - OK.
00:11:59 - Guess what?
00:12:00 - We can all work on the same document at the same time,
00:12:06 - offline or online.
00:12:08 - And the SkyDrive Pro Windows sync client will synchronize
00:12:12 - the changes between the users.
00:12:14 - And obviously as we've seen before in my previous Office
00:12:18 - products that I've shown to you, if there are conflicts,
00:12:21 - it will show both and say, which one do you want to use?
00:12:24 - And it will inform the other users,
00:12:25 - hey, there's a conflict.
00:12:27 - You know, Bob said he wanted it to say something.
00:12:29 - Jeremy said he wanted it to say something else.
00:12:31 - And so SkyDrive Pro, very, very cool.
00:12:33 - So you can share, collaborate documents.
00:12:36 - And that's going to be-- you know, I like to say I like
00:12:39 - what they've done.
00:12:39 - They've really improved SkyDrive.
00:12:42 - It used to be kind of one of those, it's all right.
00:12:46 - Apple was doing a little bit better job.
00:12:48 - That's my personal opinion.
00:12:50 - But now, iCloud's good.
00:12:52 - But SkyDrive works really well.
00:12:53 - And of course it is integrated directly, because it actually
00:12:56 - has a Windows sync, or what they call SkyDrive Windows
00:12:59 - sync application that runs in the background doing that.
00:13:03 - Sign-in IDs.
00:13:05 - Here's the thing.
00:13:06 - Remember now, Office is more and more now web-enabled.
00:13:10 - Office 365.
00:13:12 - Office 2013 obviously can be localized on your computer.
00:13:16 - But how do you sign in?
00:13:18 - Now, you can sign in several different ways, because again,
00:13:22 - now as I'm going to show you-- as soon as I talk about it
00:13:26 - I'll actually demonstrate what we mean by sign in.
00:13:28 - On the Sign-In IDs, you can sign in with a Live ID.
00:13:36 - So you can use Microsoft's Live if you've got a Hotmail
00:13:40 - account, if you've got a Microsoft
00:13:43 - MSN, the old MSN account.
00:13:45 - Now it's a Live account.
00:13:46 - You can sign in that way.
00:13:47 - Or, get this, you can sign in with an Office 365 account.
00:13:54 - That's a 365 account.
00:13:56 - You can use this one or this one.
00:13:59 - And the other cool thing is, you can say, you know what?
00:14:02 - I only want to allow people to sign in with this one.
00:14:05 - Or I only want people to sign in with this one.
00:14:07 - Or you can actually have it to where it completely locks it
00:14:11 - down and say, no.
00:14:14 - You can't sign in by using either one of those IDs.
00:14:17 - And so usually used in a lockdown environment,
00:14:19 - especially if you've got that running and you don't want
00:14:23 - people to get out there and try to log in on the portal.
00:14:25 - I mean, think about it.
00:14:26 - It's a web-based portal to get into that environment.
00:14:30 - And if you're using their access.
00:14:33 - You might want to shut that down.
00:14:34 - So that's a little bit more better security.
00:14:36 - So you can sign in with your Live ID or Office 365.
00:14:41 - So the next thing I want to show you, though, is the
00:14:42 - actual new start to the interface that we have here,
00:14:47 - just to kind of get you a little used to that and show
00:14:49 - you what I mean by especially the Sign-in ID.
00:14:54 - So here we are on my desktop.
00:14:55 - So pop in on here.
00:14:57 - And you'll notice that I went ahead and I created at least
00:14:59 - three shortcuts on my desktop.
00:15:01 - Now, a real quick point about this and the series.
00:15:04 - This is a Windows 7 machine.
00:15:06 - So I'm just kind of showcasing this to you.
00:15:09 - PowerPoint 2013, Word 2013, any of the Office 2013
00:15:12 - products work on Windows 7, work just fine.
00:15:15 - Going forward for the most part, you are going to see me
00:15:17 - utilizing the Windows 8 interface.
00:15:19 - And there are a couple of nice little nifty features that you
00:15:23 - can use with that.
00:15:24 - But the most important things for an exam perspective, for
00:15:28 - those of you who are studying for the exam, you
00:15:30 - don't have to worry.
00:15:31 - None of that is important.
00:15:32 - Now for end user experience and where do I find this, how
00:15:35 - does install, if you're an IT admin and you want to know how
00:15:38 - well this integrates, the important point is they work
00:15:41 - just fine Windows 7 32-bit will work
00:15:43 - with the 32-bit Office.
00:15:45 - If you have a 64-bit version, it will work real well with
00:15:48 - the 64-bit version.
00:15:49 - So FYI, OK?
00:15:51 - So now to show you something different, remember, what's
00:15:54 - new in 2013, let's use Word.
00:15:57 - I'm going to pop open Word.
00:15:58 - And you'll notice that instead of coming into the interface,
00:16:02 - you get on the Start screen.
00:16:04 - Now, here's the Start screen.
00:16:05 - Over here you will see Recent Documents.
00:16:08 - I've been working on some project management.
00:16:10 - Those of you who really like that, go check out my CAPM
00:16:13 - series or Steve Caseley's PMP series, Stakeholder
00:16:16 - Expectations.
00:16:18 - I've also done a little bit of work on my SkyDrive and CBT
00:16:21 - Nuggets Office 365 series.
00:16:23 - And so these are some of the things I've
00:16:24 - used within Word 2013.
00:16:27 - Then you'll notice that when you need to pick a document--
00:16:30 - and by the way, this is true and I'll remind you again when
00:16:32 - we start utilizing this from an exam perspective--
00:16:36 - unless they otherwise tell you, they're more than likely
00:16:38 - going to have you start with a blank document, unless they
00:16:40 - specifically in the instructions say, we want you
00:16:44 - to find a template.
00:16:45 - Well, the good news is you can obviously search for--
00:16:48 - here are some letters.
00:16:49 - It'll go on out and find some letters if you want, all
00:16:53 - different kind of categories and all those things.
00:16:56 - And notice the Back button.
00:16:57 - You might say, oh no.
00:16:58 - I wanted to go back to the Start menu.
00:17:00 - Just click over here and it comes back to the Start menu.
00:17:03 - What you saw, by the way, over here is the good
00:17:05 - old backstage view.
00:17:07 - Remember backstage view from Office 2010?
00:17:09 - It's still here and still available for you.
00:17:12 - You can do the options and some other things right there.
00:17:15 - So you can look at that.
00:17:17 - So this is where you're going to start pretty much.
00:17:18 - But remember how we were talking right before we came
00:17:21 - to my desktop about Sign-in IDs and whether you want to
00:17:24 - use a Live ID or an organizational ID?
00:17:28 - I'm using our Office 365 ID.
00:17:31 - This is the one that was assigned by our organization--
00:17:34 - that was me--
00:17:35 - trainer@mrcbtnug, which is
00:17:39 - our Office 365 account that we utilize.
00:17:43 - Kind of cool.
00:17:44 - But let's say I didn't want to be using this, or can you use
00:17:48 - more than one ID?
00:17:49 - Well, I actually have it set by--
00:17:52 - or I shouldn't say I do.
00:17:53 - But by default, you can sign in and access Office content
00:17:56 - by using either one.
00:17:57 - Let me show you how that works.
00:17:59 - Click Switch Account.
00:18:00 - And it says, oh, there's another account
00:18:02 - that you can use.
00:18:03 - And this one, if you notice, is my Hotmail account, which,
00:18:07 - by the way, if you send me email, it's sent to
00:18:08 - automatically dump things to spam.
00:18:10 - So contact me through CBT Nuggets if you
00:18:12 - want anything there.
00:18:13 - But here's my CBT Nuggets Trainer right here, which also
00:18:17 - is associated with my SkyDrive account, which is why you see
00:18:20 - both right there.
00:18:21 - If I just click on this, boom.
00:18:23 - It changes it and notices I'm now accessing this.
00:18:26 - My recent documents that I used was my Acme Instruments
00:18:29 - SkyDrive account, which is available up on the web.
00:18:34 - So I can obviously select that file.
00:18:37 - And then boom.
00:18:38 - You're instantly into my SkyDrive.
00:18:41 - And you notice this is a document being
00:18:43 - edited by two people.
00:18:44 - How cool is that?
00:18:45 - This is back when I was using my Office 2010 and Office 365
00:18:49 - and showing how that works.
00:18:51 - Now notice up here, Chris is doing this.
00:18:53 - If I come over here, I can switch accounts.
00:18:56 - I can change photo.
00:18:57 - The integration within this is kind of cool.
00:19:01 - I mean, your Office is totally integrated.
00:19:05 - My Outlook, my Excel, my PowerPoint, my Word,
00:19:08 - everything is integrated into that central
00:19:11 - engine of Office 2013.
00:19:13 - I can change my profile, my account settings.
00:19:15 - I can switch my account.
00:19:17 - Hey, let's go back to CBT Nuggets Trainer.
00:19:19 - Now here's something interesting.
00:19:21 - If this document here did not have permissions assigned to
00:19:27 - the CBT Nuggets Trainer-- this is actually in my public file,
00:19:30 - so anybody can access it-- it would have
00:19:33 - instantly shut this down.
00:19:34 - It would have said, I'm sorry.
00:19:35 - The CBT Nuggets Trainer does not have
00:19:36 - access to this document.
00:19:38 - So security is doing pretty dang cool for that.
00:19:41 - So that's kind of that.
00:19:42 - And you can kind of see the new look and feel of the
00:19:45 - interface down here, the style that they have, even the
00:19:48 - backstage, the icons, our quick access toolbar that
00:19:52 - we'll show you a little bit.
00:19:54 - The ribbon still remains here doing all of
00:19:58 - these kind of fun things.
00:19:59 - You can add and customize the ribbon.
00:20:01 - We'll show you a CBT Nugget on how to do that.
00:20:03 - And then again, here you go.
00:20:04 - Back to my backstage right here.
00:20:10 - And so I can protect my document, inspect document, do
00:20:13 - versioning.
00:20:13 - And then, of course, move back to the document at
00:20:16 - any point in time.
00:20:17 - So that's kind of what's new, a little bit of
00:20:19 - the look and feel.
00:20:20 - We will dive into even more greater details as we continue
00:20:23 - in this series.
00:20:24 - But definitely wanted to give you what's new in Office 2013,
00:20:28 - the new look and feel, as we prepare to get you through
00:20:31 - Office 2013, prepare you for those certification exams if
00:20:36 - you're looking for it, and/or if you are an IT admin just
00:20:39 - wanting to see how this works or an end user how I can use
00:20:42 - this to the best of my abilities, this
00:20:45 - series is for you.
00:20:46 - I hope this has been informative for you.
00:20:48 - And I'd like to thank you for joining me.
00:20:50 -

Installing Office 2013

Workspace Fundamentals

File Management

Text, Symbols, and Equations

Manipulating Text

Automatic Features Part 1

Automatic Features Part 2

Using Graphics Part 1

Using Graphics Part 2

Diagrams and SmartArt

Text Formatting

Paragraph Formatting

Tabs and Columns

Page Formatting Part 1

Page Formatting Part 2


Organizing Content - TOC's and Indexes

Organizing Content - Footnotes and Bibliographies

Advanced Features - Linked Data, Protecting Documents, Macros

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