Microsoft MCSA Windows 8.1 70-688

Supporting Windows 8.1

by Anthony Sequeira

Total Videos : 14 Course Duration: 05:49:08
1. Course Introduction (00:06:21)
2. Support Operating System Installation (00:42:28)
3. Support Desktop Apps (00:41:27)
4. Support Windows Store and Cloud Apps (00:21:35)
5. Support Network Connectivity (00:34:06)
6. Support Remote Access (00:20:52)
7. Support Authentication and Authorization (00:23:26)
8. Support Data Storage (00:19:52)
9. Support Data Security (00:35:03)
10. Support OS and Hardware (00:27:34)
11. Support Mobile Devices (00:23:20)
12. Support Client Compliance (00:23:41)
13. Manage Clients by Using Windows Intune (00:14:00)
14. Your 70-688 Exam (00:15:23)
This Microsoft Windows 8.1 course with Anthony Sequeira builds upon the Configuring Windows 8.1 70-687 course, and dives much deeper into critical areas of support for this new desktop OS.

Related area of expertise:
  • Desktop Support

Recommended skills:
  • Familiarity with Windows operating system environment
  • Familiarity with Command Prompt tools and utilities
  • Familiarity with Internet programs and protocols

Recommended equipment:
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Evaluation
  • Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation

Related certifications:
  • MCSA: Windows 8 Solutions Associate

Related job functions:
  • Systems admin
  • Network admin
  • Network operations analyst
  • Network technician

Windows 8.1 brings amazing new features to the user desktop experience. It also brings new challenges to the network administrator or technician. While the focus in this course is on real-world success with Windows 8.1, this course also ensures students are ready for the challenging 70-688 exam from Microsoft. For those interested in the exam, you will note that the first Nugget and the last Nugget of the course detail the exam specifically.

Built to follow the exam blueprint from Microsoft, this course covers that material and goes much farther, providing power tips, pop quizzes, and tales from the trenches for even more excitement.

Course Introduction

00:00:00 - Hey, thank you so much for joining me.
00:00:02 - My name is Anthony Sequeira with CBT Nuggets
00:00:05 - and this is Supporting Windows 8.1.
00:00:08 - In this Nugget, I'll give you a real brief introduction
00:00:11 - to the course.
00:00:12 - Let's jump in.
00:00:13 - If you head over to the Microsoft website
00:00:15 - and you go to the Products drop down,
00:00:18 - notice there's a Training and certification area.
00:00:21 - In the Training and certification area,
00:00:23 - if you go to Find certifications,
00:00:25 - you'll notice that Mike soft offers
00:00:27 - professional certification in the Windows desktop area.
00:00:31 - And if you go to the Windows 8 category,
00:00:33 - you will find Supporting Windows 8.1.
00:00:37 - And there's a required exam.
00:00:39 - It's exam 70-688.
00:00:42 - Now why am I bringing you here?
00:00:44 - Because perhaps you are completely
00:00:47 - uninterested in professional Microsoft certification.
00:00:51 - You're a network admin, a network engineer, an IT help
00:00:54 - desk professional.
00:00:55 - You're in the IT field, and you currently
00:00:59 - are burdened with attempting to support these Windows 8.1
00:01:03 - desktops.
00:01:04 - So what you want is guidance on how to do that.
00:01:08 - And no ma'am, we don't need help right now, thank you very much.
00:01:11 - So you're interested in the material
00:01:14 - that this course has to offer.
00:01:16 - What I'm going to do is I am going
00:01:19 - to follow an outline that is the skills that will be measured
00:01:24 - in this particular outline.
00:01:27 - It's a really great robust set of skills.
00:01:31 - The certification knowledge is going
00:01:34 - to come as a byproduct of this.
00:01:36 - OK?
00:01:37 - So we're going to talk about supporting operating system
00:01:40 - installation in the very next Nugget.
00:01:42 - Following that Nugget, we'll talk supporting desktop apps.
00:01:45 - My goal is to cover everything that the exam might cover,
00:01:49 - but I also we want to go deeper with you.
00:01:52 - In fact, there will be two ways in which I will do that.
00:01:55 - Let me grab my pen, because I want
00:01:58 - to write a couple of things on screen here for you.
00:02:00 - The first thing that we're going to do
00:02:01 - that's going to be really fun is we're
00:02:03 - going to every now and then have Power Tips.
00:02:07 - These Power Tips will be taking the content that Microsoft
00:02:13 - had planned for me to teach to you and taking it even further.
00:02:17 - Yeah.
00:02:17 - Tips really that have been accumulated
00:02:20 - through me and others that have worked for decades
00:02:23 - with these Microsoft desktop operating systems.
00:02:26 - The other thing that we'll be doing that's lots of fun
00:02:29 - is Tales from-- if I can spell that right-- the Trenches.
00:02:34 - So we're going to do Tales from the Trenches that are sometimes
00:02:39 - horror stories of what could go wrong with these operating
00:02:43 - systems in production environments
00:02:45 - and how you can easily fix it.
00:02:47 - Now many of you who are interested in this test,
00:02:50 - so I will be doing plenty of Pop Quizzes.
00:02:54 - And these Pop Quizzes will help you
00:02:56 - ensure you know the material and also give you
00:02:59 - an idea of what actual certification exam
00:03:02 - questions might be like.
00:03:05 - Now this course does build upon the information
00:03:08 - that I covered in the CBT Nuggets course entitled
00:03:11 - Configuring Windows 8.1.
00:03:14 - So you might want to look at this course,
00:03:16 - but you could certainly start here
00:03:18 - in the supporting category.
00:03:20 - Maybe you knew all this information
00:03:22 - looking at this particular outline.
00:03:24 - I do want to point out that just as I did in the Configuring
00:03:28 - Windows 8.1 course , I will end with a Nugget specific
00:03:33 - to the exam.
00:03:34 - So it'll be for us entitled Your 70-688 exam.
00:03:39 - So if you are interested in certification,
00:03:42 - that will definitely be a Nugget that you're interested in.
00:03:45 - Now just as I did in the Configuring Windows 8.1 course,
00:03:49 - I am indeed going to build you a tracker in Excel.
00:03:54 - Yeah, so you will be able to go in and for each
00:03:57 - of our supporting topics, right it'll
00:04:00 - say supporting Windows 8.1 obviously,
00:04:03 - for each of the topics you're going to be able to go in
00:04:05 - and rate your knowledge level.
00:04:08 - So if you watch the Install Windows 8.1 Supporting Nugget
00:04:13 - and there's a topic in there about upgrading
00:04:15 - and you're like, gosh I am a five on that on a one
00:04:19 - through five scale, you can enter that in.
00:04:21 - You can self-evaluate your knowledge.
00:04:24 - If you don't even remember what Windows To Go
00:04:27 - is, you would give yourself a one.
00:04:29 - Again, if you're using a one through five scale of course.
00:04:32 - So I'm going to build you this tracker
00:04:35 - so you can rate your knowledge level as we
00:04:38 - go throughout these Nuggets.
00:04:39 - Let me wrap up this brief course introduction,
00:04:42 - and I'm going be very brief here because we
00:04:44 - have an incredible amount of really exciting content
00:04:48 - to get to.
00:04:49 - But let me just wrap this up with some tips
00:04:52 - overall on how you can get the most out
00:04:54 - of this particular course.
00:04:56 - Most students indicate that some of the Nuggets
00:04:59 - are so action-packed, they contain so much information,
00:05:03 - they have to really re-watch a particular Nugget maybe
00:05:06 - even three or four times.
00:05:08 - They use the tracker that I build for them, and by the way
00:05:11 - that tracker is available in the Nugget lab files.
00:05:16 - OK, so you're going to go to the Nugget Lab area
00:05:18 - at to get the tracker.
00:05:21 - It won't be there until I am done with all the videos.
00:05:24 - And I'm going to be assigning things in the various Nuggets.
00:05:29 - So they obviously are going to do their assignments.
00:05:32 - Finally, most of my students indicate
00:05:35 - that note taking on the Nuggets, and most
00:05:39 - like to go ahead and hand write those notes out.
00:05:41 - Some will do it electronically, but a lot of them
00:05:44 - love the old fashioned legal pad and pen taking notes
00:05:47 - as they go through helps them as well.
00:05:50 - So you might use all of these tips,
00:05:52 - maybe you'll just be re-watching and using the tracker
00:05:55 - and doing your assignments, and you decide not to take notes.
00:05:58 - That's fine.
00:05:59 - I just wanted to present these tips.
00:06:01 - They are kind of the accumulation of tips
00:06:03 - from my previous students here at CBT Nuggets.
00:06:07 - Right.
00:06:07 - Well, I promised I'd keep this brief,
00:06:09 - and I'm sure you can see I have.
00:06:11 - We have amazing content to get to, you and I.
00:06:14 - I sure hope you found this course introduction
00:06:16 - Nugget informative, and I'd like to thank you for viewing.

Support Operating System Installation

Support Desktop Apps

Support Windows Store and Cloud Apps

Support Network Connectivity

Support Remote Access

Support Authentication and Authorization

Support Data Storage

Support Data Security

Support OS and Hardware

Support Mobile Devices

Support Client Compliance

Manage Clients by Using Windows Intune

Your 70-688 Exam

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