Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Fundamentals

On-the-Job Training

by Garth Schulte

Total Videos : 14 Course Duration: 07:45:50
1. Introduction to Visual Basic (00:35:31)
2. Visual Basic Basics (00:37:20)
3. Project and File Types (00:32:50)
4. Procedures (00:31:16)
5. Variables and Data Types (00:27:09)
6. Flow of Control (00:47:05)
7. Debugging and Error Handling (00:56:42)
8. Control (00:45:32)
9. Designing an Effective User Interface (00:32:29)
10. Using ActiveX Controls (00:26:09)
11. Introduction to Data Access (00:25:59)
12. Using the ADO Data Control (00:24:37)
13. Finishing Touches (00:25:43)
14. Visual Basic Certifications and Resources (00:17:28)
This video training with Garth Schulte covers Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, including topics such as procedures, flow and control, data access, and more.

Recommended skills:
  • Experience using Visual Basic 6.0
  • Experience using previous editions of Visual Basic
  • Programming experience

Recommended equipment:
  • Visual Basic 6.0

Related certifications:
  • None

Related job functions:
  • IT professionals

The CBT Nuggets VB Fundamentals course completely covers the fundamentals you need to learn Visual Basic.

This course also utilizes additional NuggetLab learning resources for current customers. All of the code used as examples and demos throughout the Visual Basic videos are available for download so you can reinforce the material covered.

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Garth Schulte

Garth Schulte

CBT Nuggets Trainer

Google Certified Trainer, MCSD, MCSD.NET, MCDBA, MCSA

Area Of Expertise:
Visual Studio 6, Visual Studio.NET Windows/Web Programming, SQL Server 6.5-2012

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