LPI Linux LPIC-1 101 and CompTIA Linux+

Training for LPI and CompTIA Linux+ certification

by Shawn Powers

Total Videos : 24 Course Duration: 10:03:05
1. LPIC1 & CompTIA Linux+ Intro (00:02:28)
2. Hardware Settings (00:34:42)
3. Boot the System (00:15:26)
4. Change Runlevels and Reboot or Shutdown the System (00:29:56)
5. Design Hard Disk Layout (00:20:07)
6. Install a Boot Manager (00:19:12)
7. Manage Shared Libraries (00:08:49)
8. Debian Package Management (00:25:33)
9. RPM & YUM Package Management (00:23:51)
10. Work on the Command Line (00:24:39)
11. Process Text Streams Using Filters (00:49:09)
12. Perform Basic File Management (00:58:25)
13. Use Streams, Pipes, and Redirects (00:19:00)
14. Create, Monitor, and Kill Processes (00:22:27)
15. Process Priorities (00:22:15)
16. Search Text Files with Regular Expressions (00:22:24)
17. Perform Basic File Editing Operations Using vi (00:25:58)
18. Create Partitions and Filesystems (00:22:14)
19. Maintain the Integrity of Filesystems (00:36:21)
20. Control Mounting and Unmounting of Filesystems (00:16:37)
21. Manage Disk Quotas (00:16:15)
22. Manage File Permissions and Ownership (00:50:45)
23. Create and Change Hard and Symbolic Links (00:15:33)
24. Find System Files and Place Files in the Correct Location (00:20:59)
Want to learn Linux? Start here. This is the first course in the comprehensive CBT Nuggets LPI training path. This video training with Shawn Powers covers what you need to know to get started using Linux, including performing basic file management, managing disk quotas, and more.

Related Area of Expertise:
  • Linux

Recommended skills:
  • Familiarity with Linux

Recommended equipment:
  • Linux operating system

Related certifications:
  • LPIC-1

Related job functions:
  • IT professionals
  • Instructors
  • Students

Passing the LPI 101 exam is your first step towards earning 2 prestigeous Linux certifications: LPIC-1 and CompTIA Linux+. This video course prepares you for the 101 exam.

But like all CBT Nuggets products, this training goes far beyond exam prep. It also gives you a very thorough introduction to running and administering a Linux operating system.

It's perfect training for Windows or Macintosh folks interested in Linux, but don't know where to start. And it's perfect for folks that are comfortable with the Linux command line, but want to make their jobs easier by learning some Linux best practices.

LPIC1 & CompTIA Linux+ Intro

00:00:00 - Hello, and welcome to CBT nuggets course for the LPIC1
00:00:05 - and CompTIA Linux+ exams for certification. Now, in order
00:00:10 - to get LPIC1 certified or CompTIA Linux+ certified
00:00:14 - you need to take these two tests, Exam 101 and Exam 102.
00:00:19 - This is exam 101 that we're going to be
00:00:22 - doing right now. And the really cool thing is that if you're
00:00:26 - going to get certified for one, you can opt to get certified
00:00:29 - for both because
00:00:33 - this 101 test for the CompTIA Linux+ certification
00:00:36 - and exam 101 for the LPIC1 certification are the
00:00:39 - exact same materials. So you can take it once and get certified
00:00:44 - for both. It's really great. Same thing with the exam 102, but
00:00:46 - we'll have to do that at some later time. But first of all,
00:00:50 - I want to show you exactly how I go about teaching things.
00:00:54 - This is where I would put the topic for the specific objective
00:00:59 - for the LPIC1 CompTIA exam. For now, this is just a welcome.
00:01:04 - So welcome, this is a smiley face because there's a smiley
00:01:07 - face there. And over here, I always put the weight and that's
00:01:12 - because what they've done is they've said, Okay, this particular
00:01:15 - section, or this objective is weighted, like from a number
00:01:19 - one to five, alright? Now, the intro you're not going to be quizzed
00:01:22 - on the intro. So there's a weight of zero, but anywhere between
00:01:26 - a one and a five, depending on how much information they're going to test
00:01:29 - you on, on that specific objective. Okay, so if it's a weight of five
00:01:34 - maybe you want to pay extra special close attention because
00:01:37 - it's going to be weighted heavily on the test that you're scored on.
00:01:41 - Okay? So, there's not really a whole lot I need to show you; I'm going to teach you as we go
00:01:45 - along. But, again, this exam 101 for LPIC1
00:01:50 - and LXO-101 for CompTIA Linux+, you get two in one, alright?
00:01:56 - You can get both certifications if you finish both of these
00:01:59 - exams, alright? So, anyway, that's it, let's get down to business. If you're
00:02:03 - curious what I look like- that's what I look like. I'm
00:02:06 - actually three-dimensional in real life, but, and maybe now I
00:02:09 - have a little less hair. But anyway, my name is Shawn Powers
00:02:12 - and I'm looking very forward to going through exam 101
00:02:16 - with you, and, hopefully, you decide to continue on and get
00:02:20 - the course for exam 102. Without further ado, let's get
00:02:23 - on to our next nugget.

Hardware Settings

Boot the System

Change Runlevels and Reboot or Shutdown the System

Design Hard Disk Layout

Install a Boot Manager

Manage Shared Libraries

Debian Package Management

RPM & YUM Package Management

Work on the Command Line

Process Text Streams Using Filters

Perform Basic File Management

Use Streams, Pipes, and Redirects

Create, Monitor, and Kill Processes

Process Priorities

Search Text Files with Regular Expressions

Perform Basic File Editing Operations Using vi

Create Partitions and Filesystems

Maintain the Integrity of Filesystems

Control Mounting and Unmounting of Filesystems

Manage Disk Quotas

Manage File Permissions and Ownership

Create and Change Hard and Symbolic Links

Find System Files and Place Files in the Correct Location

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Shawn Powers

Shawn Powers

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LPIC-1; CompTIA Linux+, A+; Cisco CCNA

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