ISACA CISA Certification

Certified Information Systems Auditor from ISACA

Total Videos : 22 Course Duration: 10:38:34
1. Introduction to CISA (00:14:19)
2. The IS Audit Process (part 1) (00:27:25)
3. The IS Audit Process (part 2) (00:30:17)
4. Information Technology Governance (part 1) (00:34:22)
5. Information Technology Governance (part 2) (00:35:08)
6. Information Technology Governance (part 3) (00:29:49)
7. Systems and Infrastructure Life Cycle Management (part 1) (00:24:03)
8. Systems and Infrastructure Life Cycle Management (part 2) (00:34:43)
9. Systems and Infrastructure Life Cycle Management (part 3) (00:34:14)
10. IT Service Delivery and Support (part 1) (00:30:03)
11. IT Service Delivery and Support (part 2) (00:30:49)
12. IT Service Delivery and Support (part 3) (00:40:33)
13. Protection of Information Assets (part 1) (00:30:40)
14. Protection of Information Assets (part 2) (00:38:48)
15. Protection of Information Assets (part 3) (00:37:01)
16. Protection of Information Assets (part 4) (00:26:36)
17. Protection of Information Assets (part 5) (00:34:15)
18. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (part 1) (00:26:25)
19. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (part 2) (00:24:33)
20. Introduction to the CISA Update Course (00:03:21)
21. CISA Update (Part 1) (00:28:16)
22. CISA Update (Part 2) (00:22:54)
This course covers 2009 CISA objectives. Without comprehensive security plans, policies, and procedures, your organization's information security could be missing something, and that's all it takes for the worst to happen.

As a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), you'll perform a business-critical function by assessing your organization's IT and business systems to ensure they are monitored, controlled, and protected.

CISA is on the level of CISSP and CCIE in prestige and in the way it distinguishes you from your peers. It's globally recognized within the IT industry and beyond, used by the US Department of Defense and others as a minimum requirement for many high-end security positions. And studies have found that just having the CISA credential can increase your salary.

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