Cisco CCNA Data Center 640-916 DCICT

by Anthony Sequeira

Total Videos : 25 Course Duration: 07:14:29
1. The Course Introduction (00:09:33)
2. The Cisco Data Center Architecture (00:18:23)
3. Meet the Nexus Family! (00:33:37)
4. Meet the MDS Family! (00:10:50)
5. Monitoring the Nexus (00:21:19)
6. Exploring vPCs and Their Verification (00:17:01)
7. Exploring FabricPath (TRILL) (00:12:54)
8. You Down with OTV? (00:16:11)
9. Virtualizing The Network Device (00:19:18)
10. Virtualizing Storage (00:11:19)
11. Virtualizing Servers (00:23:19)
12. Introducing the Nexus 1000V (00:18:32)
13. Verifying the Nexus 1000V (00:12:53)
14. Storage Options (00:18:02)
15. Fibre Channel and More Fibre Channel (00:32:52)
16. Verifying Fibre Channel (00:12:59)
17. FCoE and DCB (00:18:36)
18. Connecting FCoE (00:13:11)
19. The Nexus 2232 Fabric Extender (00:14:02)
20. The UCS B-Series Family (00:22:58)
21. The UCS C-Series (00:11:00)
22. Connecting B-Series Servers (00:19:30)
23. UCS Management (00:17:54)
24. Pools, Policies, and Profiles (00:15:57)
25. Cisco Load Balancing (00:12:19)
This Cisco video training with trainer Anthony Sequeira covers the technologies of the modern Cisco-centric data center, including topics such as data center architecture, virtualizing networks, load balancing, and more.

Related area of expertise:
  • Cisco Data Center

Recommended skills:
  • For the highest degree of success in this course, students should possess the experience and knowledge gained from the CBT Nuggets course Cisco CCNA Data Center 640-911 DCICN

Recommended equipment:
  • Students are not required to possess any special equipment in order to benefit fully from this course.

Related certifications:
  • CCNA Data Center

Related job functions:
  • Data Center Engineer
  • Data Center Designer
  • Data Center Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Designer
  • Network Engineer
  • LAN Administrator
  • SAN Administrator

In this exciting CBT Nuggets course, CBT Nuggets trainer Anthony Sequeira guides learners through the details of the technologies that make up the modern Cisco-centric data center. This course also prepares learners to pass the 640-916 DCICT 1.0 exam. This is the second of two exams required for the CCNA Data Center certification.

The Course Introduction

00:00:00 - Welcome to CBT Nuggets, and welcome to Introducing Cisco
00:00:04 - Data Center Technologies 1.0.
00:00:07 - My name is Anthony Sequeria.
00:00:09 - And I bet this is the series that you've been waiting for.
00:00:12 - We've completed one of the two series on the CCNA Data Center
00:00:17 - from Cisco Systems.
00:00:19 - And in that series, we we're really looking at networking
00:00:22 - technologies in general.
00:00:24 - Sure, there was some specific focus on Data Center, but a
00:00:28 - lot of the content was just general networking
00:00:32 - knowledge-type content.
00:00:33 - This is probably the series you've been waiting for.
00:00:37 - In this series, we're going delve very deep into the
00:00:41 - specific technologies that we would find in a Cisco-centric
00:00:46 - Data Center.
00:00:47 - Let's jump in.
00:00:49 - Now I want to do three things in this introductory Nugget.
00:00:52 - I want to revisit the requirements for the CCNA Data
00:00:56 - Center and make sure you're 100% solid on those
00:01:00 - requirements and you understand what's going to
00:01:03 - happen in order for you to achieve that certification.
00:01:06 - Then I want to run through what we'll cover in this
00:01:08 - course, and I want to wrap up with our particular style here
00:01:12 - at CBT Nuggets.
00:01:13 - And I think you're going to quickly see why you're in the
00:01:15 - right place.
00:01:17 - Remember, when you have any question about a particular
00:01:19 - certification and its requirements, your answers are
00:01:23 - just a click away.
00:01:24 - Head up to
00:01:25 - Go to the Training and Events area.
00:01:28 - And one of the things you can do I love is just go to View
00:01:30 - All Certifications.
00:01:32 - This is a great map of all Cisco certifications.
00:01:36 - We are interested in CCNA Data Center, so go ahead
00:01:40 - and click on that.
00:01:41 - And we remember that there are no prerequisites for the CCNA
00:01:45 - Data Center.
00:01:46 - That's a bonus.
00:01:47 - We have two exams, two courses, the DCICN exam and
00:01:53 - course that I walked you through here already at CBT
00:01:56 - Nuggets, and then our focus, 640-916 DCICT, is your exam.
00:02:02 - Click on this particular hyperlink, and you'll get more
00:02:05 - information.
00:02:06 - It's a 90-minute exam with about 65 to 75 questions.
00:02:11 - It's offered in English and Japanese.
00:02:13 - We register here at Pearson VUE.
00:02:16 - Here are some policies and requirements that you and your
00:02:19 - attorney should read closely.
00:02:20 - And then this is important.
00:02:22 - You want to review the types of exam questions.
00:02:25 - This is a tutorial that's going to show you your types
00:02:28 - of exam questions that you will face.
00:02:30 - Be sure to practice with this prior to go to your exam.
00:02:35 - The last thing you want to do is fumble with the mechanics
00:02:38 - of the question types in the actual exam environment.
00:02:42 - Go ahead and fumble around and experiment with them before
00:02:45 - you go to the exam.
00:02:47 - Of particular interest here is the simulation-type questions.
00:02:51 - We're probably all going to know how to do multiple choice
00:02:54 - and drag and drop.
00:02:55 - That's no big deal.
00:02:56 - But here you can see they're going to walk you through the
00:02:58 - simulations that you'll have on the exam
00:03:00 - and how those work.
00:03:02 - You will indeed face simulations in this exam
00:03:05 - environment, so be sure you practice with this interface
00:03:09 - prior to running off to the exam.
00:03:11 - Something else that's very valuable here that you'll want
00:03:14 - to take a look that is the Exam Topics area.
00:03:16 - Yes, I'm going to be walking you through every single one
00:03:20 - of these exam topics in-depth.
00:03:22 - You might want to copy this to the Clipboard and then paste
00:03:25 - it into something like Excel, and you can literally make
00:03:28 - yourself a checklist in Excel, or whatever your favorite app
00:03:32 - is for such software, and then go ahead and literally gauge
00:03:37 - your knowledge of these topics as we move through them.
00:03:40 - So valuable resources up here.
00:03:42 - And of course, that is a nice review for us of what is
00:03:45 - required in order to achieve the CCNA Data Center, and it
00:03:50 - really comes down to two exams.
00:03:53 - Now what are you in store for in this particular series?
00:03:57 - Well, we're going to start out by talking about the Cisco
00:04:00 - Data Center architecture.
00:04:02 - Yeah, you're really enjoy this.
00:04:03 - Even if you're not into design topics, I think you're really
00:04:07 - going to enjoy taking a bird's eye view of the exact
00:04:11 - architecture that Cisco likes to promote when it comes to
00:04:14 - building a data center.
00:04:16 - Then we'll get real practical real quick.
00:04:19 - We'll take a tour of the Nexus and the MDS family of devices.
00:04:25 - So you'll get to know components, like this fabric
00:04:28 - interconnect we have depicted up here, and we'll get to know
00:04:31 - the storage equipment of Cisco as well.
00:04:34 - We'll then talk about key monitoring capabilities that
00:04:38 - you're going to want to have when it comes
00:04:40 - to this Nexus equipment.
00:04:41 - We'll then talk about virtual port channels.
00:04:44 - Sure, you're probably familiar with ether channels where we
00:04:49 - use multiple links redundantly to connect two devices
00:04:53 - together and we trick spanning tree protocol.
00:04:56 - We covered this in-depth in the previous series here at
00:04:59 - CBT Nuggets on CCNA Data Center.
00:05:02 - But we'll kick it up a notch in this particular course, and
00:05:05 - we'll talk about virtual port channels, the ability to
00:05:08 - bundle connections together that are leading to different
00:05:12 - devices, something that we never thought possible with
00:05:15 - EtherChannel.
00:05:16 - We'll talk about Overlay Transport Virtualization.
00:05:20 - Yeah.
00:05:20 - We'll talk about how easy this technology is to connect
00:05:24 - multiple data centers and to not have loops at Layer 2 when
00:05:28 - we do that.
00:05:29 - We'll talk a lot in this course about virtualization.
00:05:33 - We'll focus on virtualization of things like network
00:05:36 - devices, virtualization of storage, virtualization of
00:05:41 - particular servers themselves.
00:05:44 - And any discussion of virtualization in Cisco
00:05:47 - wouldn't be complete without focusing on the 1000V, that
00:05:52 - remarkable virtual Nexus switch from Cisco and VMware.
00:05:57 - And we'll be going in-depth on two Nuggets, by the way, two
00:06:02 - Nuggets dedicated to that remarkable, remarkable device.
00:06:06 - We will focus on Storage Area Networking in this course.
00:06:10 - We'll talk about Fibre Channel as a result.
00:06:13 - We'll talk about Fibre Channel Over Ethernet
00:06:16 - in this course in-depth.
00:06:18 - We'll talk about things like Data Center Bridging.
00:06:22 - Lots of important acronyms for us in the modern data center.
00:06:26 - We'll focus on fabric extension and our fabric
00:06:30 - extenders and the Nexus 2000 series.
00:06:33 - And then we'll also be focusing on the UCS, C-Series
00:06:39 - servers that are available now from Cisco, B-Series servers
00:06:43 - that are available from Cisco, and the UCS Chassis and UCS
00:06:47 - Manager itself.
00:06:49 - So this is really, really a remarkable in-depth series on
00:06:55 - the lifeblood of Cisco Data Center cutting edge
00:06:59 - technologies, and I'm so glad you're here with me.
00:07:03 - Now it might be the case that you could absolutely care less
00:07:06 - about Cisco certification.
00:07:08 - And that's fine.
00:07:09 - Just because I take a test every week doesn't mean that
00:07:12 - you necessarily want to do that.
00:07:15 - Also, it might be the case that you don't really care
00:07:19 - about every aspect of this particular course.
00:07:22 - Maybe there's just certain areas of the Data Center that
00:07:25 - you're going to be responsible for, like the UCS area or
00:07:29 - maybe the SAN area, and you want to focus on that
00:07:32 - particular real world knowledge.
00:07:34 - Well, you're in the right place, because the approach
00:07:37 - that we're going to take to this course, like we did with
00:07:40 - the last course I'm showing you here, is to break it down
00:07:43 - into small digestible chunks that are very
00:07:48 - clearly labeled for you.
00:07:50 - And by the way, our Nuggets tend to be about
00:07:52 - 20 minutes in length.
00:07:54 - So for instance, if you're looking at the previous course
00:07:56 - and you say, you know what, I'm just really interested in
00:07:59 - the NX-OS software, you would know, OK, I want to watch this
00:08:04 - Nugget on the NX-OS software introduction.
00:08:07 - Then I want to look at the features.
00:08:09 - Then I want to look at using it.
00:08:10 - Then I want to look at building
00:08:11 - VLANs in it, for example.
00:08:13 - You can focus on those particular Nuggets that deal
00:08:17 - with that particular topic.
00:08:19 - We'll do the exact same thing in this course.
00:08:22 - Very digestible, very focused, very real-world-centric
00:08:28 - Nuggets so that you can master this material.
00:08:31 - If you're interested in the exam, just be sure to watch
00:08:35 - them all, right?
00:08:36 - Because every single one is going to have exam
00:08:38 - relevance for you.
00:08:40 - So in this introductory Nugget, we took a look at the
00:08:44 - CCNA Data Center.
00:08:46 - And we now know that it consists of a whopping two
00:08:49 - exams that we are going to pass with ease after going
00:08:52 - through the CBT Nuggets series here.
00:08:54 - We talked about the particular juicy topics that we are going
00:08:58 - to get into in this course.
00:09:00 - It's why you've been waiting for this course so
00:09:02 - patiently, I bet.
00:09:03 - And then, finally, we talked about our
00:09:05 - style here at CBT Nuggets.
00:09:07 - We're going to make 20-minute Nuggets very, very
00:09:11 - topic-focused for you that go into great real world depth on
00:09:16 - the technologies.
00:09:17 - If you watch all of the Nuggets, passing the
00:09:21 - appropriate exam will be simple.
00:09:23 - And it's really just a byproduct of watching all of
00:09:26 - those intense Nuggets.
00:09:29 - Well, I hope this has been informative for you, and I'd
00:09:31 - like to thank you for viewing.

The Cisco Data Center Architecture

Meet the Nexus Family!

Meet the MDS Family!

Monitoring the Nexus

Exploring vPCs and Their Verification

Exploring FabricPath (TRILL)

You Down with OTV?

Virtualizing The Network Device

Virtualizing Storage

Virtualizing Servers

Introducing the Nexus 1000V

Verifying the Nexus 1000V

Storage Options

Fibre Channel and More Fibre Channel

Verifying Fibre Channel

FCoE and DCB

Connecting FCoE

The Nexus 2232 Fabric Extender

The UCS B-Series Family

The UCS C-Series

Connecting B-Series Servers

UCS Management

Pools, Policies, and Profiles

Cisco Load Balancing

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