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Certified Health Informatics Systems Professional

Course Duration: 10:42:50
Introduction to CHISP
This introductory Nugget will explain the overall mission of ASHIM and the CHISP certification, prerequisites, and exam distictives, as well as course topics and sub-topics.
Healthcare PCs at a Glance
Let's get our feet wet with IT technology by surveying some common PC system hardware such as HP, Dell, and Lenovo - systems that are commonly found in hospitals and medical offices, as well as other types of specialty pads and tablets. This is a nice warm-up before diving in to the specifics of computer science basics.
Bits, Nibbles, Bytes, and Hex...Oh My!
Let's begin with the fundamental math of computers and how they represent data at the most basic level. This Nugget includes an exploration of bits, nibbles, bytes, and conversion to hexadecimal numbers.
Data Types, Characteristics, and Representation
This Nugget takes the next logical step in computer science to discover how different types of data are generated, formatted, and represented on a digital computer system.
Computer Architecture Basics
Every informatics technician should be familiar with the underlying structure of the computer: the CPU or processor, main memory, and the input/output components. This Nugget goes on a fascinating journey "under the hood" of your healthcare PC.
Memory Addressing
The important concept of memory allocation and addressing is explored in this module that is a continuing discussion of the computer architecture. These concepts will prove very handy as you learn about programming and databases.
Structure of Programming Languages
This training begins the journey of learning about computer programming and how the different structures operate on modern computing systems.
Networking and Data Communication
Every healthcare informatics specialist needs to have a solid understanding of the way data and applications flow in the medical campus environment. This Nugget will jump start you into that exciting area of IT by looking at the fundamental models and topologies of modern healthcare networking.
Medical Terminology
It's time to wade in to the shallow end of healthcare and medical knowledge. We begin with basic terminology. This Nugget covers organizations, roles and responsibilities, inpatient and outpatient departments and units, types of rooms, and the five classes of controlled substances
More Healthcare Terminology
This follow up to the previous Nugget includes medical device terminology, imaging, interfaces, healthcare software terms, clinical terms, and clinical processes. It also includes a list a list of "need-to-know" acronyms.
Health Care Regulations
No healthcare informatics discussion would be complete without understanding all of the regulatory agencies and organizations that control the healthcare system. This Nugget explores HHS, ONC, CMS, NIST, HITSP, HIPAA, HITECH, and the ARRA of 2009.
Operational Principles in Healthcare
This Nugget begins with a discussion of effective communication between physicians and other providers. The important concept of Change Management in healthcare is explored next. Finally, you will get an overview of real-world healthcare delivery processes in an ambulatory health provider organization.
Medical Insurance Payments and Billing
The basics of insurance must be understood by healthcare informatics specialists. This includes a survey of insurance in the U.S., the claims revenue cycle, payment and denial management, and some of the software solutions currently in use.
Health IT Concepts and Practices
This Nugget covers the following topics: enterprise architecture in health care and public health organizations (SOA, BPM, MDA); HIE and RHIO in healthcare and their use of enterprise master patient indices (MPI); record locator systems; and clinical data repositories. Also covered are aspects of clinical decision support (CDS) and clinical remote monitoring a.k.a. Telehealth.
Healthcare Interoperability and Coding
This Nugget is a continuation of the previous one as the following concepts are explored: interoperability standards, vocabulary standards, and content standards such as CPT, ICD-9 and ICD-10, SMOMED, LOINC, RXNorm, and HL7 among others.
Electronic Health Records Software
It's finally time to go on a journey through a real-word EHR program and its distinctives with this Nugget. We will explore PracticeFusion which is a popular combination EHR/EMR and Practice Management platform.
Technology in Quality of Care
This Nugget covers the expanding role of technology in healthcare, using HIT for measurement and continual improvement, improving the health of the general population through HIT, and a brief survey of common programming languages that drive the technology.
Databases, Warehousing, and Mining for Healthcare
This Nugget covers the ability to retrieve information from databases with SQL queries. Also covered in this video are trends in medical databases, warehousing, data marts, and data mining.
Information and Data Security
Because HIPAA has a Security Rule, we obviously need to understand IT security. This Nugget explores data security including firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, securing network structures, access controls, and data encryption. Finally, we will look at business continuity and disaster planning.

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This Certified Health Informatics Systems Professional (CHISP®) video training course with Michael Shannon covers skills needed to work in healthcare IT and obtain CHISP certification.

Recommended skills:
  • Basic IT knowledge

Recommended equipment:
  • N/A

Related certifications:
  • Certified Health Informatics Systems Professional (CHISP)

Related job functions:
  • Healthcare IT (HIT)

This exciting course prepares you for the coveted CHISP® credential. Master various skills-based competencies necessary by professionals in the Healthcare IT (HIT) profession, regardless of the career path you choose. It is rooted in core competencies to demonstrate the nature of the healthcare IT field and the manner in which one area of knowledge works in synergy with another. This Nugget course covers topics like health IT; healthcare regulations; computer science fundamentals; medical insurance billing; information and data security; medical terminology and anatomy; healthcare operational principles; data mining, queries, and reporting; and technology in Quality of Care.

Introduction to CHISP

00:00:21 - Hi there, I'm Michael Shannon.
00:00:23 - And welcome to the CHISP series.
00:00:25 - And I guess you're wondering right off the bat, why was I
00:00:28 - playing Latin salsa music?
00:00:29 - Well, I was under the impression that pretty much
00:00:32 - everybody liked CHISP and salsa.
00:00:35 - OK, so here we go.
00:00:37 - I promise, no more lame jokes.
00:00:40 - I wanted to get that one CHISP and salsa joke out of the way,
00:00:43 - the obvious one.
00:00:44 - Well, I want to welcome you on behalf of CBT Nuggets.
00:00:47 - If this is your first time to take a Nugget, I want to
00:00:50 - welcome you and thank you for choosing CBT Nuggets for your
00:00:52 - training solution.
00:00:54 - If you're a returning Nuggeteer--
00:00:56 - maybe you've taken my CompTIA Healthcare IT series, or one
00:01:01 - of the other CBT Nuggets series, welcome back.
00:01:03 - It's great to have you here.
00:01:05 - This first Nugget will serve as an introduction to the
00:01:07 - Certified Health Informatics Systems Professional, CHISP.
00:01:12 - What we're doing in this first Nugget is talk about the
00:01:15 - organization that's behind the CHISP--
00:01:18 - the ASHIM--
00:01:19 - how this particular certification compares to
00:01:21 - others like HIT from CompTIA, for example.
00:01:25 - And we'll talk about the distinctives of the exam and
00:01:28 - the main topics that are going to be covered
00:01:30 - in this Nugget series.
00:01:32 - So let's answer this first question, what is the CHISP?
00:01:36 - And why do we want this certification?
00:01:40 - ASHIM, A-S-H-I-M, is the American Society of Health
00:01:44 - Informatics Managers.
00:01:45 - And they're the organization that's behind the Certified
00:01:49 - Health Informatics System Professional certification and
00:01:53 - exam, CHISP.
00:01:55 - And you for sure want to check out their website,,
00:01:58 - because you're going to have to become a member and get a
00:02:01 - membership for $175 at this point in time to be able to
00:02:05 - take the CHISP exam and get that certification.
00:02:10 - Now, this is a health IT exam.
00:02:12 - If you're familiar with the CompTIA Healthcare IT
00:02:16 - technician exam, that's a much broader and fundamental exam.
00:02:21 - This one has several topics of overlap.
00:02:24 - And we'll look at the topics here.
00:02:25 - But this is really focusing mostly on qualifying
00:02:30 - individuals--
00:02:30 - qualifying professionals--
00:02:32 - to help them go into hospitals and physicians' offices and
00:02:36 - other medical areas to adopt EHR, Electronic Health Record
00:02:41 - Systems, and EMRs, Electronic Medical Records Systems So
00:02:46 - having those skills, along with some other supporting
00:02:50 - skills as well.
00:02:51 - Again, it's bridging the knowledge of IT, Information
00:02:54 - Technology, and health care.
00:02:56 - So once you finish this Nugget series, you'll be able to
00:02:59 - demonstrate knowledge and skills in technology,
00:03:03 - specifically health care technology.
00:03:05 - The kind that's used in the health care industry, as well
00:03:08 - as unique skill sets so that people who are hiring-- and
00:03:11 - there's a huge demand right now, OK, for health care
00:03:15 - professionals who have IT skills.
00:03:16 - And this certification will show that you have that unique
00:03:19 - combination of IT and health care knowledge.
00:03:22 - It'll help you stand out with employers and in
00:03:25 - the interview process.
00:03:26 - So let's go on a web safari real quick.
00:03:29 - So here's the area of where you'll want to
00:03:31 - check out this membership.
00:03:33 - OK, so right now--
00:03:35 - which is pretty much summer of 2013--
00:03:37 - in annual membership, it's $175.
00:03:40 - And then to renew the membership, it's $85.
00:03:43 - And here they remind you they are a non-governmental
00:03:45 - organization.
00:03:46 - They're just operating in the public interest to foster
00:03:50 - professional standards in health IT.
00:03:52 - And so, you'll have to be a member to be able to use the
00:03:55 - CHISP certification tag.
00:03:58 - There's also other member benefits, discounts
00:04:01 - and things like that.
00:04:02 - And if you scroll on down here, there are some webinars
00:04:04 - you can check out as well.
00:04:05 - Might want to add that to your CBT Nuggets training here.
00:04:09 - You could see also here they have health IT jobs, health IT
00:04:13 - news and some additional resources.
00:04:16 - Let's take a look at the topics that are going
00:04:17 - to be on this exam.
00:04:19 - This is just the first set here.
00:04:21 - And by the way, they're in no order.
00:04:23 - I'm going to take a different approach
00:04:25 - in this Nugget series.
00:04:26 - I will be starting out with the computer
00:04:29 - science area down here.
00:04:31 - So if you, by the way, already have a basic understanding of
00:04:35 - computing in architecture and data organization, networking
00:04:39 - and data communication--
00:04:39 - if you have a strong IT background, then you could go
00:04:43 - and then move into the other health-related things first.
00:04:47 - If you already have a health care background, like--
00:04:50 - I've been working with HIPAA implementation since the late
00:04:53 - '90s and the early aughts, doing seminars and on-site
00:04:57 - site training, consulting and working for several health
00:05:00 - organizations, hospitals.
00:05:02 - Mostly in privacy and security, but I've also done
00:05:05 - some contracting for implementation as a
00:05:08 - contractor for IBM.
00:05:09 - So if you already have that kind of health care
00:05:12 - background, then you might want to go and start out with
00:05:15 - the computer science stuff, OK?
00:05:17 - So you can customize the order of the Nuggets that you go
00:05:20 - through on your own.
00:05:21 - But here are the first three major topics, OK?
00:05:24 - First is health IT.
00:05:25 - And remember, IT is so broad.
00:05:28 - So we're going to be focusing on things that are particular
00:05:31 - to health care.
00:05:33 - The enterprise architecture for health care and public
00:05:36 - health organizations, using enterprise
00:05:39 - master patient indices.
00:05:41 - Other systems.
00:05:42 - E-prescribing.
00:05:44 - Clinical decision support.
00:05:46 - Interoperability principles.
00:05:48 - Other different concepts and acronyms here.
00:05:50 - We'll talk about RFID and wireless in health care.
00:05:53 - And the ambulatory adoption of EMRs.
00:05:57 - And we'll define this terminology as well.
00:05:59 - We'll look at a wide variety of health care regulations.
00:06:02 - HIPAA's been around for quite a while, but HITECH is
00:06:04 - relatively new.
00:06:06 - Then, of course, computer science,
00:06:07 - starting with the basics.
00:06:08 - This will be the first Nugget that we do after the
00:06:11 - introduction here.
00:06:12 - I'll just go and look at some system, some very common
00:06:15 - systems that you would find in a health care
00:06:17 - environment right now.
00:06:18 - So we'll look at some basic terminology, architecture,
00:06:22 - organizing and representing data, programming languages,
00:06:25 - some basics there.
00:06:25 - I'll give you some other resources as well.
00:06:27 - And of course, networking data communication.
00:06:30 - Now, once we complete the basic computer science stuff,
00:06:33 - the next thing I'm going to do is go into this medical
00:06:35 - terminology and anatomy, OK?
00:06:37 - Basic vocabulary.
00:06:39 - Conversational familiarity with medical terms.
00:06:42 - We want to get that foundation in there.
00:06:44 - Then we'll look at things like medical insurance billing.
00:06:46 - Information and data security, which is my specialty.
00:06:49 - We'll look at operational principles in health care.
00:06:52 - For example, communication with physicians.
00:06:54 - You know, speaking their language.
00:06:56 - Understanding the changes that have happened for physicians
00:06:59 - and nurses.
00:07:00 - Job expectations.
00:07:02 - Different levels of health care providers.
00:07:04 - Patient service and the patient care flow process.
00:07:08 - We'll look at data mining reports and queries.
00:07:10 - We'll be focusing on SQL, or S-Q-L--
00:07:13 - which is necessary for the exam And then we've got
00:07:16 - technology and quality of care, OK?
00:07:19 - So these are the major topics and the subtopics that are
00:07:22 - going to be covered in this CBT Nuggets series.
00:07:25 - And like I said, this is a little bit more advanced than
00:07:29 - the CompTIA Healthcare IT.
00:07:31 - It's also going to be focused on some actual SQL, EMR
00:07:35 - programs, and EHR programs.
00:07:38 - So frankly, the CompTIA HIT Nugget series would be a
00:07:42 - really good complement, actually, to do first, before
00:07:45 - you did this one.
00:07:46 - It's not a mandatory thing.
00:07:48 - It's not a prerequisite.
00:07:50 - But if you're new to both health care and IT, and you're
00:07:54 - looking to start a new career, I would say both of these
00:07:57 - together would be a wonderful training package.
00:08:00 - Let's talk more about the actual exam itself.
00:08:03 - Now, to qualify for the CHISP exam, you have to have at
00:08:06 - least three years of IT experience with hardware,
00:08:10 - software, data or a clinical IT.
00:08:13 - Or if you don't have three years, you need to get some
00:08:16 - type of Microsoft certification.
00:08:19 - Or, let's say, a Cisco CCNA certification.
00:08:22 - If you have a degree in computer science or a diploma
00:08:25 - from an approved post-secondary program, then
00:08:28 - that'll qualify you as well.
00:08:29 - You could also go through ASHIM's official training,
00:08:33 - which is extremely expensive and very difficult to even
00:08:37 - find, to be honest with you.
00:08:39 - So hopefully, one of these won't be
00:08:41 - difficult for you to do.
00:08:42 - At CBT Nuggets, we could help you very easily and quickly
00:08:45 - get a CCNA certification, or a CCNA security certification,
00:08:51 - or one of the entry-level Microsoft certifications,
00:08:54 - let's say for end user.
00:08:55 - One of the cool things about this exam is that you don't
00:08:58 - have to go to a testing center to take the exam.
00:09:01 - You could actually use your own PC or your laptop.
00:09:05 - They secure it with modern technologies that use
00:09:07 - biometric keystroke analytics.
00:09:10 - And they use a webcam--
00:09:11 - a standalone webcam--
00:09:13 - and high speed internet access.
00:09:15 - You have to schedule it 48 hours in advance.
00:09:19 - And it's delivered online between 12:00 noon to 12:00
00:09:22 - midnight, Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday,
00:09:25 - and from 6:00 PM to 11:00 EST on weekends.
00:09:30 - It's a three-hour, timed, online exam.
00:09:34 - You have 250 multiple choice questions.
00:09:37 - OK, so basically 180 minutes to answer 250 questions.
00:09:42 - When you're taking the exam and you're on the webcam, you
00:09:45 - can't use any books or tools or other resources.
00:09:48 - And the cost of the exam is going to pretty much be $350.
00:09:53 - Because it's $175 for your ASHIM membership, and then
00:09:57 - $175 for the exam.
00:09:59 - So you definitely want to do your due diligence and make
00:10:03 - sure you're ready for this exam before you go fork out
00:10:06 - that kind of money.
00:10:07 - That's what we're here for.
00:10:10 - OK, there's our introduction to the Certified Health
00:10:12 - Informatics Systems Professional
00:10:14 - exam, as well as ASHIM.
00:10:16 - Check out their website.
00:10:18 - We're now ready to start diving into the content.
00:10:20 - And like I said, we're going to start out with the
00:10:23 - fundamentals.
00:10:23 - We'll start out first with the
00:10:25 - fundamentals of computer science.
00:10:27 - And then we'll start to look at the fundamentals of health
00:10:29 - care technology and terminology.
00:10:32 - So I hope this CBT Nugget was informative for you.
00:10:35 - I want to thank you for viewing.

Healthcare PCs at a Glance

Bits, Nibbles, Bytes, and Hex...Oh My!

Data Types, Characteristics, and Representation

Computer Architecture Basics

Memory Addressing

Structure of Programming Languages

Networking and Data Communication

Medical Terminology

More Healthcare Terminology

Health Care Regulations

Operational Principles in Healthcare

Medical Insurance Payments and Billing

Health IT Concepts and Practices

Healthcare Interoperability and Coding

Electronic Health Records Software

Technology in Quality of Care

Databases, Warehousing, and Mining for Healthcare

Information and Data Security

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